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 Luke Solid

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PostSubject: Luke Solid   Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:01 pm

Name: Luke Solid
Age: 23
Birth date: 8/7/87
Heel/Face: Heel
Height: 6"10
Weight: 505 lbs.
Entrance: Im Not Afraid, by Eminem
Finisher(s): Mash, Fattie Lays.
Cathphrase: "We Mash people"

Luke is one of the 12 brothers in the "Solid Family". He was split up from them when he was 9 in a horrible explosion, but they met up a few weeks back and they are here to kick some ass. Luke had a very hard childhood. He was picked on alot because of his weight, his hair, the way he speaks, and his IQ, which is around 64. Luke, and all the Solids like the term Mash. Mash is also the name of his finisher. As a kid he had big dream, and that dream was to be a professinal fighter. Even though his life is hard, he deals with is, and that is why he has conquered his dream.
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Luke Solid
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