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PostSubject: Handaresch   Handaresch Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 5:54 pm

I am Handaresch,

Age : 31
Born : Germany/Europe
Ht : 5 foot 10
Wt : 195
Hair : Black and long
Eyes : deep blue

I am born in Germany and grew up there till I was 13. After that my parents moved to London to work there.
That was the time when I started to train olympic wrestling and some martial arts. 3 years later my father died and my mother found a new boy friend, who caused us to move to Phoenix. I continued to train my sports and got contact to a wrestler from ECW in my gym. He gave me a hint to try to do sports entertainment. I did.

My appearance is based on my martial arts back ground.
I enter the ring wearing black clothes that are traditional chinese cloth having a little bit of white in it.
The music during my entrance is roch song from the Scorpions "Bad boys running wild" and that is what happens when the bell is rung. I run wild on my oponent.
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