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 Max Cavalera

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PostSubject: Max Cavalera   Max Cavalera Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 8:24 pm

Name: Max Cavalera

Age: 27

Quotes: Im the one and only METAL GOD!

Taunts: Guitar Hero (Max Cavalera Stands On Turnbuckles And Pretends To Play Guitar executing A Guitar Hero)
Metal Shout (Max Cavalera Stands On Turnbuckles And Shouts To His Fans executing A Metal Shout)

Trademarks: Maxalizer (modified Steenilizer)
Soulfly Cradledriver (modified cradle piledriver)
Brazilian Metal Press (Modified Skytwister Press)

Finishers: Reverse Figure Guitar (Max Cavalera crosses in a figure 4 opponents legs and lays down on the mat executing a ............ Reverse Figure Guitar)
Cavalera Conspiracy (Max Cavalera is running and jumps on his opponent making him to fall on the mat executing a devastating Cavalera Conspiracy)
Brain Damager (Max Cavalera lifts opponent from the ground and throws him on extended knee head first executing a devastating Brain Damager)

Weight: 235
Hair:Blond with dreadlocks
Brief description of normal Ring Attire: T-Shirt with skull, camoflage pants and army boots, holding a guitar in his right hand

Gimmick: Max is an ex heavy metal bands leader. As a young boy he used to do criminal things, like robbing and street fighting. In age of 16 he almost beated a man who was 4 years older. That man was in coma for 2 month. For that Max got 4 years in prison in his home country Brazil. There he learned a first basic moves of wrestling from an ex wrestling star in Brazil. When he got out of jail he was in few minor federations but in last 3 or 4 years he was in 3 big federations (this is his 4). He is always ready to make an impact. He loves violance. He is arrogant. With him always is his girlfriend Cindy.
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Max Cavalera
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