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 "The Demon Lord' Sparda

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PostSubject: "The Demon Lord' Sparda   "The Demon Lord' Sparda Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 8:25 pm

Name: Sparda

Age: 27

Quotes: I'll see you in HELL!

Spardas Wreck (Sparda Stands On Turnbuckles And Raises His Middle Finger To The Fans executing A Spardas Wreck)
Spardas Assassin (Sparda Stands On Turnbuckles And Shouts To His Fans executing The Spardas Assassin)
Demon Lord (Sparda Stands On Turnbuckle And Raises His Fist In The Air executing A Demon Lord)

Chokeslam (Modified Chokeslam)
Tombstone Helldriver (Modified Belly to Belly Piledriver)
Spear From Hell (Modified Spear)

Pin: Spardas Banishmet (Sparda is running
and cath his opponent doing a faceplant executing a devastating Spardas Banishmet)
Submission: Straight To Hell (Sparda lifts the opponent on his shoulders
and bent his back executing a devastating Straight To Hell)
Direct Dammage: The Demon Lord (Sparda grabs opponent by the throat then he lifts him up
and crushes him to the ground executing a devastating The Demon Lord)

Weight: 235
Hair:Dar Grey with dreadlocks
Eyes:Dark brown
Brief description of normal Ring Attire: Long black leather coat, T Shirt with large skull and ripped jeans and Barbed wired baseball bat.

Gimmick: Sparda... well he was a law breaker in youth. He was robbing cars since age of 7. In age of 10 he beated almost to death a 14 year old kid. He was sent to youth prison for 6 years. There he learned a basic wrestling and fighting moves from another kid. In age of 16 he came out and started to practice with a coach. But because of his anger problems coach kicked him out of gym. In age of 18 Sparda started to fight in underground No Rules wrestling federations. Over there he got his Nickname "The Demon Lord". After few years Sparda started to do it profesionally. Hes first federation was EUW (Extreme underground Wrestling). There he learned much from his GM and after a year he strated hes own promotion EBB (Extreme Backyard Brawl). This federation lived almost 1 and a half years.
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"The Demon Lord' Sparda
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