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 Tyr getting ready for Cylon

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Tyr getting ready for Cylon Empty
PostSubject: Tyr getting ready for Cylon   Tyr getting ready for Cylon Icon_minitimeThu Sep 30, 2010 11:45 pm

The camera opens in the locker room, showing the back of Tyr who is standing in front of a mirror. He is adjusting his skull mask to perfectly hide his face, as Jason Rowayne enters the room with an evil grin on his face. Jason however doesn't say or do anything else than leaning at the door, obviously waiting. The wargod completely ignores the general manager, as he seems happy with his mask and the rest of his attire as well. Tyr turns around to his locker and grabs his black leather coat. While he puts it on, he is already walking to the door, but Jason quickly moves himself in front of the bigger man.

Tyr: What do you want?

His voice is deep, but calm, and Jason doesn't seem to be intimidated. He locks his eyes with Tyr's, and the grin on his face gets even bigger.

Jason: I have handpicked your opponent tonight... As far as I know, he's pretty pleased to step in the ring against you...

Tyr: And you tell me this, because... ?

The smile won't vanish, but since he's talking and smiling at the same time, it distorts Jasons face in a strange way. Jason himself doesn't notice that.

Jason: I tell you this because you held me responsible for the disaster which caused the delay with the title belts!

Tyr: You are responsible! Go blame yourself!

Finally the wargod has shocked Jason. His face freezes instantly, and his hands become fists in the same moment. Anger builds rapidly in the general manager, and his voice gets higher.

Jason: I personally ordered Cylon to beat you to a pulp tonight, and I will enjoy watching every second of it!

A whistle raises from the background, just like if the water in an old water boiler begins to boil. Jason ignores it, but Tyr begins to laugh.

Tyr: So you want to punish me for your own mistake? I assume you also made it a quarter-final match, so you can deny my chance of becoming one of the first-ever PWA champions?

This insult colors Jason's facial skin with a dark red glow. The whistle gets louder and louder, as does the GM's voice.

Jason: You are right, Tyr! It is a quarter-final match! And I will personally make sure that you won't stand any chance to get a title on my show!

With these words he turns around and leaves the locker room, obviously in a hurry to get away from Tyr. Tyr's voice is nothing more than a whisper now.

Tyr: We will see, Mr. Rowayne. We will see.

Still the whistle increases it's intensity, and from quite some distance Jason can be heard, furiously screaming:

Jason: Cut that out!

While the camera slowly fades to black, Tyr has to lean himself spine-first at the door to prevent him from falling down. He can't control the laughter that comes from deep down his throat.

OOC: Closed RP.
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Tyr getting ready for Cylon
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