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 Triple Threat

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Phenom The Vampire Lord

Phenom The Vampire Lord

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PostSubject: Triple Threat   Triple Threat Icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 9:44 pm

In a dark tungsten-lit room situated in the bowels of the PWA arena, The Vampire Lord is doing his usual pre-match ritual. Practice dolls of various sizes are lying on the ground with their joints shattered and covered in blood. Phenom seems to have cut his arm in the sharp metal fragments scattered all over the floor but he's ignoring the pain and the blood for some reason. His eyes are fixed on the door as if he's expecting someone to come in...
A shadow is seen standing outside the door... The doorknob moves and the door cracks allowing the light to invade the room. He's temporarily blinded by its brightness but his eyes eventually adjust allowing him to see who dared to disturb him in the middle of his ritual, just moments before his tournament semi-final match!
Julius Crane is standing there with a smirk on his face, obviously excited about something.

Julius Crane: I'm going to make this short and simple! You do not belong in this federation!

The Vampire Lord has a somewhat surprised and intrigued look on his face. He did not see this coming... but then he remembers his debut match on Rebirth! When Rowayne came out and started his match against Cavalera.

Julius Crane: We believe that freaks like you belong behind bars and we will do anything and everything to accomplish that!

Phenom can not believe his ears! He was one of the top talents in GWA before his monster accident happened... and now he's being belittled by a rookie federation and its staff...

Julius Crane: But putting you behind bars would ruin our image... so we decided to make your tournament match a triple threat match!

This announcement does not have the desired effect. Phenom is still standing there motionless staring in the eyes of the GM.

Julius Crane: You will face Hitman and Phoenix Kid tonight! The winner of that bout will move on to the finals of the Inferno Title Tournament.

Finally The Vampire Lord reacts in a visible way. He slowly and calmly walks up to Julius, still staring in his eyes.

Phenom: So, let me get this straight! You signed me to a contract just so you can abuse me? You want to treat me the way you treat a dog on a leash? And you want to do that by putting me in a match against 2 people! One of which just happens to have the same name as this federation?

Julius smiles. He's made his point and he's sure he will break The Vampire Lord tonight.

Julius Crane: Yes!

Without warning Phenom grabs Julius by the throat with both hands and pins him to the nearest wall. He raises him high up in the air as his feet dangle below him, struggling to get a grip on something, struggling to get back down to earth. But he is helpless as he is no match for Phenom's strength.
The Vampire Lord comes closer to Julius and starts whispering in his ear.

Phenom: I could very easily dig my fangs in your neck right now and end it! And then you would be the broken one, not me! But that would be too easy, too fast and too painless! I want you to witness your failures! I want you to realize that you chose the wrong "freak" to put on a leash!

He throws Julius across the room on top of the bloodied and broken practice dolls and leaves the room closing the door behind him. The camera turns around to capture Julius' reaction, but a pissed off Crane smacks the cameraman who drops his equipment. The screen flashes one last time before going to black.
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Triple Threat
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