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 Wildthing's Interview after first match

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Wildthing's Interview after first match Empty
PostSubject: Wildthing's Interview after first match   Wildthing's Interview after first match Icon_minitimeSun Oct 03, 2010 11:05 pm

Morgana is walking down a hall with a microphone at hand.

Morgana: I don't know why I have to do this. I mean this so called "wrestler" is nothing but a loser and a has been.

She stops at a door that is a bit worn out and needs to be replaced.

Morgana: Let's get this over with. Are we on? Good.

Morgana puts on a fake smile.

Morgana: I'm standing here right now in front of Wildthing's locker room and I am going to try to see if we can get a word on his status right now.

Without even knocking Morgana, opens the door to see Wildthing in some sort of a trance.

Morgana: Wildthing, I would like to interview you if you don't mind. Ok? Good. Now after suffering a humiliating defeat in your first match, but also too being eliminated in the tournament, everyone wants to know if you are throwing in the towel and calling it quits in the PWA?


Morgana: Okay, so what you are saying is no. So if you do continue on with PWA, are you perhaps join NavenX, EOA, and the others in their plans on taking over PWA?


Morgana: Are you even listening?


Morgana (lowers the microphone): Great my first interview that I had, and I get stuck with a stupid moron.

???: There ain't no need for name calling!!

The camera turns around to see the real Wildthing leaning to his right arm at the doorway

Morgana: Wildthing! How did you?

The camera turns again and sees the other Wildthing still in a trance, and turns back to the real Wildthing

Wildthing: You like it? I kinda been working on that thing for a while. It keeps annoying reporters whom think that I am a joke. Sometimes it also too helps my friends get into the carpool lane, but that's another story.

Wildthing walks towards Morgana.

Wildthing: And you. How dare you barge into my locker room and trying to be Miss. I am better than you. Well to be honest, I think you can be lower than dirt, especially the nerve you have of putting on that fake smile after calling me a washed up has been. Sure I may have lost, but if you have noticed more closely I had left my mark to on Dr. Mario or whatever his name was.

Morgana (angry): Well at least I'm not the one whom may quit after his first loss.

Wildthing: Who said anything about quitting? Oh no no no. I'm not quiting; although I have to admit that after my match I went out and shot pool with my buddies after seeing James Black. Heck I almost felt like using his head as the cue ball. After seeing you though I actually feel better too about myself that there are a lot more women in this world.

Morgana drops the microphone, slaps Wildthing across the face and storms out of the room angry. Wildthing still grinning picks up the microphone and looks at the camera.

Wildthing: Now on to more important business, EOA, Naven, Thorn, White, and Serena; I know you would like to know whether or not if I am a road block in your way, and all I can say is yes and no. Yes because I am not going join your alliance, no because I am not in the tournament, but it doesn't mean that I will cause trouble to your plans in the future.

Wildthing drops the microphone and walks out of the locker room.
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Wildthing's Interview after first match
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