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 Age Of Sage

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PostSubject: Age Of Sage   Age Of Sage Icon_minitimeMon Jul 26, 2010 6:14 pm

Born in Manchester, England. His father was a duke of the royal court along with being one of the world's top 3 richest person on earth, and his mother the last in the blood line of Merlin. At a young age Dave began to learn to become a royalty. He was taught by the finest teachers, and instructors of there fields. He began to become fasinated with wrestling. So his father sent him to the famous Hart Dungeon after he graduated high school. After learning all he could from the Dungeon. Dave moved on to find new teachers. He traveled to the United States were he sought out Dean Malenko. He began to study under his guidance for the next few years. One day he had heard that there was to be a tournment in Japan. So he headed there the next morning. When he got there he ran into a fellow ex class mate of the Dungeon and soon to be future rival Theodore Wolvian. During this tournment he challenged Theodore Wolvian to a Prision Cage from hell match. (A steel cage with barbed wire toped and barbed wire ropes. Then the cage is electrified.) The match ended in a draw when the leader of the federation came out and called for the match to stop. This set into motion for He and Theodore to go into a fued to find out who was the best. For the next year and half. The two men fought in every match imagined to fight out who was the better man. Then one day a federation by the name of ACW sent him an invite. He decided that he would take this chance to start something new. After a few months of stale matches the fed was shut down. But while he was there he became friends with Zip Logan. during a few months off and training at Harly races gym. He got the call from a side show amusement park that wanted his services. He gave them a shot. But ultimatly they two became a lack luster joke. He almost had given up all hope for finding a place to show case his talent until he got the call to join the GWA! Since then he has become the GWA's first IG champion, and joined up with friend Zip Logan to create the greatest stable ever called Revolution.

Ring Name: Sage

Male 6 foot 255 lbs Black Hair Blue Eyes
Theme Song I Dont Wanna Stop by Ozzy

Sigature Moves

Abra-kadabra (level 25)
Damage: 33,25 - 218,5
Attack Bonus: 90,25
Required Position: Groggy

Hocus-pocus (level 20)
Damage: 40 - 160
Attack Bonus: 52
Required Position: Bent down

Alakazam (level 26)
Damage: 63,7 - 254,8
Attack Bonus: 112,7
Required Position: Grounded


Sage Spell (level 29)
Points: 248,55
Damage: 221,89 - 443,78 Attack Bonus: 6,3
Bleeding % chance: 10
Required Adrenaline: 465
Required Position: Bent down

Spell Bound (level 30)
Points: 299,05
Damage: 93,21 - 232,9 Attack Bonus: 5
Submission Bonus: 10,8
Required Adrenaline: 460
Required Position: Groggy

Sage Advice

GWA IG Champion
GWA Gemini Tag Team Champion
GWA Nova Champion

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PostSubject: Re: Age Of Sage   Age Of Sage Icon_minitimeTue Jul 27, 2010 10:09 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Age Of Sage   Age Of Sage Icon_minitimeThu Jul 29, 2010 9:09 pm

Revolution Island
Age Of Sage RevolutionIsland

Revolution HQ in Galactic City
Age Of Sage RevoltionHQ

Sage's Island Mansion
Age Of Sage SagesHome

Sage's Home in the UK
Age Of Sage Chateaux_de_Pierrefonds

Revolution's Yacht
Age Of Sage 30303-largest-private-yacht-eclipse_yacht

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PostSubject: Re: Age Of Sage   Age Of Sage Icon_minitimeThu Jul 29, 2010 9:31 pm

Sage's New Look
Age Of Sage Spike%201
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PostSubject: Re: Age Of Sage   Age Of Sage Icon_minitime

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Age Of Sage
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