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 Unexpected surprise..... first Nemesis Interview

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Naven x

Naven x

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PostSubject: Unexpected surprise..... first Nemesis Interview   Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:34 pm

The camera fades in as Morgana is standing next to a black door with a sign that says Nemesis conference room.....

Morgana: Ok...Here we go!

Morgana opens the door to see Naven, Thorn, Methias, and EOA watching a big televison screen seeing last weeks show....

Morgana: Hello....

They ignore....morgana screams

Morgana: HELLO!!

They turn around.....naven says

Naven X: Who the hell are you exactly.....

Morgana: My name is Morgana thank you very much...I'm here for the interview!....

Naven X: Oh it's you!....You're late!....

Morgana shuts the door and says....

Morgana: well I was held up by your security in the lobby asking me questions.....Can we start now!

Naven walks to his chair as well as thorn, EOA and white...

Naven X: well dont just stand there take a seat....

Morgana sits on a chair a begins to say..

Morgana: ok, last week you guys begin to come up with some sort of plan that you said will shock the PWA world..what did you mean by that?

Naven X: You see as of right now, I can't give you that information because if I did the plan is ruined...if this is going to work you got to watch the PPV to see the result.....

Morgana: O..K...,Well congrats on your win last week against veto in the well do you think you will do this week?...

Naven X: Well, if you saw last week, I can get things done in my own way of course, lets just hope he doesn't get hit with a price to pay!

Mogana and Nemesis begin laughing.....mogana continues

Morgana: for you thorn, EOA, and did you feel about your matches......

OCC: this is open for you guys.....

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Cerberus Thorn

Cerberus Thorn

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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected surprise..... first Nemesis Interview   Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:21 pm

Cerberus begins to speak

Cerberus: Firstly the plan has been formulated since long before PWA even existed in the mind of our creator. but yes the outcome of my match with Methais could have gone better but i digress so long as this doesn't derail us too badly from the prime objective but yeah, the members of nemesis have never been closer. I have had the most imporant streak of my life so far with Nemesis.
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Unexpected surprise..... first Nemesis Interview
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