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 Kirsty Interviews Bison

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Kirsty Interviews Bison Empty
PostSubject: Kirsty Interviews Bison   Kirsty Interviews Bison Icon_minitimeTue Oct 05, 2010 1:17 am

KIRSTY: Hey guys, I am here with Thunder Bison. Bison, let's get to it. You're first two matches in Phoenix have been somewhat of a disappointment. What changes, if any, do you have in store for tonight's match with Insane Clown?

BISON: Well, you are correct that my matches have disappointed alot of people. But I came here to Phoenix to get better. I wanted to be part of the best wrestling there is, and now it's time for me to rise to the occasion. As far as changes, I only promise to be more intense.

KIRSTY: No offense, but you promised to deliver your last match. What happened?

BISON: Father Gilholy was just better than me. I gave him my best shot. Sometimes, your best just isn't enough. But I continue to press on towards my goal: to get better, to be better.

KIRSTY: Well, it sounds like you know where you're going and what you want to do. Good luck tonight.

BISON: Thank you Kirsty. And Insane Clown, good luck tonight.
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Kirsty Interviews Bison
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