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 The Third Sin Speaks

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The Third Sin Speaks Empty
PostSubject: The Third Sin Speaks   The Third Sin Speaks Icon_minitimeThu Oct 07, 2010 10:36 am

The camera pans in on the Nemesis HQ exterior before panning outs to show the Secluded Island outside the Eternal Isles borders and a barge is shown seemingly flying across the water towards the island, it docks somewhere below the island and the camera changes to a shot of the interior of the Nemesis HQ, which seems to span the entire underground of the island. The camera moves swiftly through the halls passing multiple training rooms, private quarters, conference rooms and many other doors with titles that cannot be made to generate a mental image of their insides. Eventually the camera comes to rest on a door that had been painted black with a two crossed swords with two dragons wrapped around them and a sheild the same colour as the dragons in front of this all and has a platinum plaque that has the words "Cerberus Thorn Sanctum" carved into it. Morgana Steps into the camera view and knocks on the door. She is greeted by one two syllable word....

???: Enter

Morgana opens the door and walks in to see a great amount of........ nothing. The room is almost completely empty save for some dark and sinister paintings and a moderate amount of intricately arranged furnishings. Morgana walks over to the chairs and sit in one the lighting begins to brighten enough to show Cerberus sitting directly opposite Morgana.

Cerberus: So what is it you called about that is so important you must interrupt my few minutes of perfect seclusion for?

Morgana: I needed to get answers; the first group interview left me a bit sketchy to details and I was wondering if you could shed some light on the situation.

Cerberus: So you're asking for an interview. Well I've said it since before I even Existed, I hate interviews. But since you're here i see no reson to not have the interview, fire away.

Morgana: OK then love. Firstly: I've heard something about the "Sins of Nemesis"what is this?

Cerberus: Ok this is simple We each have a specific sin that identifies us. Personally I have been assigned the Third Sin, The Sin of Anger which is strangely perfect for me.

Morgana: Ok thank you love. Next: Why did I have a Nemesis Guard pick me up from my condo and take me to the barge?

Cerberus: Safety concerns, no one can know the island location so the barge only works when authorized Nemesis Members is aboard and for each member there may be one passenger that the member will sign in for

Morgana: Ok. Thirdly: can you explain to me what the "Plan" is?

Cerberus: No, you'd have to join Nemesis to know that information, sorry.

Morgana: That's OK Love, now i have one final question for you, what are you doing on friday?

Cerberus: Nothing, as usual.... wait, are you flirting with me?

Morgana: And If I said I was?

Cerberus: Don't, unless you DO want to join Nemesis and I don't think you do.

Morgana: I don't Know....

Cerberus: Of course you don't! but for first things you may not even pass the aptitude test.

Cerberus quietens and allows Mogana to pick apart the meanings of his words. As she is thinking the camera allows the viewers to take a more extensive look into the sanctum, there are about twenty paintings on the walls, exactly 20 chairs and 10 couches arranged to look like an anarchy symbol with a C around it when viewed from above. there are no visible doors inside, even though there was clearly one on the outside; the is little lighting fixtures and there is a sword mounted on the wall and there is a ceiling to floor wall to wall tinted window comprising the far wall. The camera returns to Cerberus who is now placing his hand on the wall. The wall slides back to reveal Cerberus' Armor which he remove, shuts the compartment and puts it on before returning to his seat as Mogana wants to speak.

Morgana: Ok Cerberus, Thank you for your time and I hope i can speak to you again soon.

Cerberus: Sure. Exit

A panel in the wall opens to reveal the hallway and Mogana exits and Cerberus returns to his seclusion as the camera fades to black
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The Third Sin Speaks
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