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 The Campaign - Nemesis Conference

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Cerberus Thorn

Cerberus Thorn

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The Campaign - Nemesis Conference Empty
PostSubject: The Campaign - Nemesis Conference   The Campaign - Nemesis Conference Icon_minitimeSun Oct 10, 2010 8:35 am

The camera pans to once again show the familiar outline of the Nemesis Island before zooming in at an extremely high speed and flashing to cover the screen with white. When the flash clears the camera is inside the conference room and all members of Nemesis are inside, sitting around the table with Naven X at the head, Cerberus Thorn to his direct right, Executioner of Anarchy to his direct left and Methais White and his wife Sarena at the far end. There are notably two empty seats between Cerberus and EOA's seats and those of Methais and Sarena. Cerberus stands and begins his opening statement.

Cerberus: It is done! The first stage of the plan is complete! Now Naven we need to discuss what we do in the title bout. We all gain something as you said Naven and let's face it only one of us can be Burning Star Champion and I'm sorry but i can't just throw this opportunity away because it may never come around again for me. Title matches are few and far between for me so I honestly want the two of us to go out there and prove that we are the greatest stars in history and all the mindless pixies in the stands cannot deny it.

Cerberus sits back down and awaits the next input
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Naven x

Naven x

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The Campaign - Nemesis Conference Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Campaign - Nemesis Conference   The Campaign - Nemesis Conference Icon_minitimeMon Oct 11, 2010 10:07 pm

Naven looks at Thorn and nods.....

Naven X: You're right Thorn, we will show the PWA what we are made of and make Freedom or fire our best PPV ever..give all you got Thorn in that ring and don't hold back because I won't....

Naven nods at Thorn then gets up from his seat and walks to the end of the table touching the two empty chairs...

Naven X: Now as you all know I've talked with the two guys and they agreed to join us, I suggest we give them a little support in their match at the PPV

The group nods.

Naven X: You guys also know about the sins of NEMESIS... this is more as a rank of destruction we all have which will show all in PWA and the WORLD to watch their backs... I am pride... EOA you are Sloth, slow but dangerous... Thorn you are anger, Filled with internal rage... Methais you are envy, you see power and use it as strength... Sarena you are lust, sexy but lethal and these two are gluttony and greed....he devours weakness for his satisfaction and he see what he wants and takes it with no excuses....this will complete our plan and will be know as the SEVEN SINNERS OF PWA!

Naven points at the NEMESIS flag.

Naven X: And when they see our flag they will know who we are and what we stand for, a reign of darkness and sin!..HA HA!

Naven walks back to his seat...

Naven X: Now, is their anything you guys want to discuss...

Naven see that no one speaks....

Naven X: Alright!....ceberus ill see you in the ring....and shock the world!!!
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The Campaign - Nemesis Conference
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