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 Methias speaks on phoenix kid

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Methias White

Methias White

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PostSubject: Methias speaks on phoenix kid   Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:31 am

Methias white and Sarena walk out to the ring with a dissappointed yet satisfied look on their faces as he is opening the ropes for sarena to get in the ring and asks for a mic and says

Methias: ladies and gents, a bombshell has just been dropped on me. I have just been informed that at PWA'S first Pay Per View Freedom or Fire I will Face Phoenix kid. Now I'm not worried or any thing I'm just a little *censored* that I have to face a guy who hides behind a mask, who doesn't talk to a soul except himself, who sits in the lockerroom crying because he is upset that he doesn't live up to promises. You know what that says? That says you're weak.

Methias laughs for a brief moment then gives the mic to Sarena

Sarena: This isn't just for Phoenix Kid but for all of the BOYS in the back that are upset that they haven't won any matches yet and cry to their mommas. I want you to listen and listen good. Grow a pair, and grow up.

she hands the mic back to Methias

Methias: Now I'm not out here to put the kid down. I'm out here to uhhhhhh motivate him in a way. I want the kid to fight his heart out at Freedom or Fire to see if he can actually beat me which he won't. At Freedom or Fire it will be the biggest test of the kid's life. Let's see if he gets an A or an F.

Methias drops the mic and opens the ropes for Sarena to get out and she follows. he stops, laughs shortly and heads into the back
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PostSubject: Re: Methias speaks on phoenix kid   Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:49 pm

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Methias speaks on phoenix kid
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