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 The day EE went mad!!!

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Eternal Eclipse

Eternal Eclipse

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PostSubject: The day EE went mad!!!   Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:55 am

OOC: Today somethingin my mind just popped and i had to release som of it. So i made this insane RP. if it gets aken down who cares.

*One day Eternal Eclipse was walking down the street outside his massive mansion in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. EE had a craving for soda crackers and a slurpee so he went to 7-11 a few blocks away. After 12 minutes of walking Eternal Eclipse came across a very old lady. Eternal Eclipse payed no attention to her and kept walking. The withered old lady was wearing a very long black cloak. Another 12 minutes of walking double E reached the 7-11. He walked inside and went to the very back of the store. Looking for soda crackers, he searched every isle. But found no crackers anywhere! Furious, Eternal Eclipse walked up to the counter to the lady behind it.*

Eternal Eclipse: Excuse me ma'am where are the crackers?

7-11 lady: We dont carry crackers here, sorry.

Eternal Eclipse: Damn it! Well I will just get a slurpee then!

7-11 lady: Ours is broken, sorry.

*Eternal Eclipse face gets a little twitch in it. After a few moments he gets up right and walks out the store and heads home.*

*After a few moments of walking EE crosses the old lady saring at him again. He stops and looks down to her. She has no idea he is even there. She just continues staring ahead of her. Eternal Eclipse does not bother and continues walking home. As EE walka home, he realizes something. There is another 7-11 down the road where he lives the same way. So he turns around and heads back.*

*After a few minutes of walking he crosses the old lady again, and again she pays no attention to the welthy man. Paying no attention to her this time he continues walking. 15 minutes later, EE arrives at the other 7-11 looking for soda crackers and a slurpee. Eternal Eclipse repeats the same process. Heads to the back of the store. Checks every isle and finds no soda crackers. He heads to the front counter again. This time a very lage man is behind the counter with a thick norwegian accent.*

Eternal Eclipse: *Sigh* Do you guys have crackers here?

Large 7-11 man: We don't carry crackers here, sorry.

Eternal Eclipse: I will have a slurpee then. Where is the machine sir?

Large 7-11 man: Oh, our slurpee machine is down. Sorry.

*Eternal Eclipse does not bother freaking out. He is furious and frustrated and just runs out the store. He continues running towards his house with an angry expression on his face. As he nears the old lady on the side walk he again pays no attention. As he runs he trips over he feet and they both tumbe to the ground.*

Eternal Eclipse: What the hell lady?! Watch what your doing!?

Little Old Lady: It was all my fault...

*Eternal Eclipse continues walking home when he stops and his gaze widens after what the little old lady says. It was like glass breaking in his head.

Little Old Lady: Sorry.

*Eternal Eclipse turns around slowly. He stares at the lod lad and the old lady stares back at him.*

Eternal Eclipse: I-I-It was you was'nt it!? Your the one behind the counter at 7-11! Your the one who sabatoged the slurpee machine and got rid of all the crackers! Right?!

Little Old Lady: Yes, yes it was.

Eternal Eclipse: Why?

Little Old Lady: I two had a craving for Soda Crackers and slurpees. But I took it too far. It became and obsession! I could not stop having Slurpees and Soda Crackers until I flushed the city clean. I went insane. my obsession drove me to murder of the 7-11 people. I had to stop you from becoming what I became. So I played the roles of those men and women hoping you would'nt discover me. But it is too late now.

Eternal Eclipse: How would you know I would go Insane?

Little Old Lady: Because....

*The little old lady reached for the hood of he cloak and yanked it back with swift hands. Revaeling the face of... ETERNAL ECLIPSE!!

Eternal Eclipse 2: ...Im you!!!

Eternal Eclipse: What the-!? No, no, no, NO!!!!!

*Eternal Eclipse bolts down the street away from himself. He sprints until he runs out of site of EE2. he runs into someting hard and it akes him fal hard on his back. He looks up see's himself again. He jumps up again and sprints the other direction. The 3rd EE chases him in hot pursuit. The original continues runing until he finds salvage in a 7-11. He sighs and turns around. Behind him are 7 diffrent Eternal Eclipse's. THe original EE screams in fear. He bolts out the door and heads into the middle of a bust intersection. With cars wizzing by him he turns around. 20 EE's are in pursuit. THe original Eternal Eclipse turns around again and spots a hummer coming at him spot on. He jumps into the big car head first. EE's head go's through the winshield and screams in pain as the driver of the car is HIM! The car hits the brakes and EE flys out of the car and onto the pavement. He is dead and is surrounded by all the other Eternal Eclipse's.*

*Eternal Eclipse wakes up in a hospital bed. He has no idea where he is. EE is hooked up to a life support system. His father is beside him on a chair beside the bed.*

Eternal Eclipse Father: You were in a horribe accident son.

Eternal Eclipse: So you brought me to a public hospital! You know i only like Dr. Freeman.

EE's father: I know son. I forgot. Sorry.

*Eternal Eclipse looks at his father with wild eyes. He hears a click and turns his head to the door.*

EE's Father: That must be the doctor. Relax son!
*The door opens wide and standing there is none other than ETERNAL ECLIPSE! THe Eternal Eclipse in the bed screams is slowly falls nto a deep sleep from the anestetic.*
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PostSubject: Re: The day EE went mad!!!   Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:27 pm

I love it! You went mad because of crackers and slurpee, but Gordon Freeman was too busy saving Black Mesa again, so your mind shut down itself Very Happy
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Eternal Eclipse

Eternal Eclipse

Posts : 65
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Age : 93

PostSubject: Re: The day EE went mad!!!   Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:37 pm

I don't know why im posting this again. I just remembered it and i want some more people to see this that we not on the fed before.

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PostSubject: Re: The day EE went mad!!!   

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The day EE went mad!!!
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