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 Mystery Donor --- FIRESTORM RP

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Mystery Donor --- FIRESTORM RP Empty
PostSubject: Mystery Donor --- FIRESTORM RP   Mystery Donor --- FIRESTORM RP Icon_minitimeMon Oct 11, 2010 9:54 pm

The camera opens at an unknown location, showing a man in a suit carrying a briefcase with what seems to be important papers. He makes his way through the large hallways of the unknown building until he finds a door with a nameplate which says “ Robert Daystorm – Manager”. He knocks 2 times then enters as soon as he hears the faint “come on in”
He walks in to see a man talking on the phone who motions him to take a seat, which he does. He opens his briefcase and looks through the papers as Robert finishes his conversation.
He takes a check from the briefcase and tries to get up, but papers start falling from his briefcase. The camera zooms in on one of them and manages to catch a glimpse of the words “SOLD – Hell’s Gat…” before the lawyer picks them up and shoves them in his briefcase.

Lawyer: I’m going to make this short, because you know you are a busy man, Mr. Daystorm. My client appreciates women very much, and has decided to donate the money he made from a recent transaction to your organization.

He extends his hand, giving the check to Robert who is stunned to read the amount written on the small piece of paper.

Robert: So many zeroes… Your client is very generous! He must be a very good man…

The lawyer smirks.

Lawyer: He’s known to be very cold hearted…

He stops before revealing his master’s identity.

Lawyer: And he would like to remain anonymous…

Mr. Daystorm smiles and shakes the lawyer’s hand.

Robert: Of course… of course. Now if you would please excuse me, I have to organize a series of events for today! October is our busiest month of the year, being the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everything.

Daystorm leaves his office in a hurry and as he closes the door behind him, the camera fades to black.

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Mystery Donor --- FIRESTORM RP
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