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 Breast Cancer Awareness (Firestorm RP)

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PostSubject: Breast Cancer Awareness (Firestorm RP)   Breast Cancer Awareness (Firestorm RP) Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 12:13 am

The camera turns on to show the entrance hall of the PWA arena full of people who are seated in front of a bright pink stage that has the breast cancer awareness insignia all over it. The room is bustling as some PWA employees lift a large pink podium onto the center of the stage. It is clear that some of the seated people are reporters as they have clip boards and microphones emblazoned with several different tv station's symbols. A man steps up to the podium and performs a quick sound check. He sees the sound set up to be fine, gives a thumbs up to someone behind all the seated people then walks off stage. Soon after Spriorite walks up onto the stage in a bright pink suit to the applause of the audience. He motions for the applause to stop then audibly clears his throat and begins to talk.

Spriorite: Hi guys, I'm sure you all know why you're here and that reason is simple. To raise as much money to raise awareness of breast cancer as possible through the medium of a charity auction. But first, I will take any questions if any body has any?

A few reporters put their hands up.

Spriorite: Yes. you there

He points to a blonde woman with glasses.

Breast Cancer Awareness (Firestorm RP) Woman10

Woman: How did you come up with the idea of a charity auction?

Spriorite: That was pretty straight to the point ay? do you conduct all your interviews like this?

The crowd laughs and the reporter's face reddens with embarrassment.

Spriorite: It's not a complicated idea, you auction items or promises off and all the money raised goes to charity. It's not difficult to understand. Any one else?

The same woman raises her hand. Spriorite sighs.

Spriorite: Yes, you again.

Woman: How much money are you expecting to raise tonight?

Spriorite: Well from the auction any amount is possible, due to the reserves on some of the items we are guranteed at least 10,000 pounds.

There is a small applause.

Spriorite: But that is far from the final amount. I know that several of the superstars here in PWA have raised at least 10 times that amount just by themselves.

There is an even bigger applause.

Spriorite: I know I was the guy that arranged this but sadly this is the part where I pass you over to our auctioneer.

Spriorite steps back from the podium where a man in a suit takes his place.

Breast Cancer Awareness (Firestorm RP) Ricard11

Auctioneer: Now the first item under the hammer tonight is the promise of a romantic date with my good friend Spriorite, That includes but is not limited to a romantic candle lit dinner at the finest restaurant on Eternal Island that shall be accompanied with live music.

The girls in the crowd wolf whistle as Spriorite stands on the stage looking rather awkward but smiling.

Auctioneer: Shall we start the bidding at 100 pounds?

The girls in the audience erupt upwards and make bids. The bidding continues for three minutes straight.

Auctioneer: So this lot started at 100 pounds and is now on 5000 pounds. I can't believe that. Anyways, any more bids?

No one else steps up to bid.

Auctioneer: 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

The auctioneer slams his hammer down onto the little plague he has as the reporter from earlier begins to scream in happiness.

Auctioneer: Sold. If you'd like to come backstage we can make some arrangements.

The reporter makes her way onto the stage where Spriorite smiles and links arms with her. The couple then walk behind the make shift stage and the auction continues as the camera fades to black.

OOC: This was just an idea I had but obviously we don't have to use it for firestorm, Also, since I'm not an expert on the economy of Eternal Island I have no idea what kind of currency they use :L, I put it as pounds but obviously it can be changed if needed
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PostSubject: TheHero on the charity auction   Breast Cancer Awareness (Firestorm RP) Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 8:39 pm

The camera shows the entrance hall again which is still full of people. The Hero walks onto the stage under thunderous applause. As the crowd calms down he beings to talk.

The Hero: Thank you, thank you. I'm glad to be here and I'm glad that so many people came to help us raise money for the breast cancer awareness. As you all know breast cancer is a serious problem, it comprises over 10% of all cancer incidents. Those people fighting breast cancer are the true heroes.

The crowd applauds.

The Hero: Now since my good friend Spriorite had the idea of the charity auction I thought I'd contribute something too. But I'll let this handle the pro. So now have fun.

The Hero steps back under applause and the auctioneer from before takes his place.

Auctioneer: Now the second item of the night is an offer of one month of personal wrestling training by The Hero. That includes doing all the stuff our pros do from PWA and having a match at a Firestorm show next season.

The crowd whistle as they look at The Hero standing there smiling.

Auctioneer: We'll start the bidding at 500 coins.

Guy 1: 600!

Auctioneer: 600 coins from the gentleman in the front row.

Guy 2: 900 coins!

Auctioneer: Alright we're at 900 now.

Girl 1: 1500!

Auctioneer: And 1500 from the beatiful miss in the 3rd row.

Guy 3: 1700!

Auctioneer: Wow! 1700 coins from the gentleman in the red shirt.

The auction goes on for about 5 more minutes.

Auctioneer: 8500 coins by our gentleman in the red shirt. More bids?

No person reacts.

Auctioneer: 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

He slams the hammer down.

Auctioneer: And sold to the gentleman in the red shirt. Now if you'd like to go backstage so we can make some arrangements?

The guy with the red shirt stands up and goes backstage as The Hero joins him halfway there.

The Hero: Congratulations! I hope you're ready for some hard weeks of training.

The Hero smiles as the camera fades to black.
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Breast Cancer Awareness (Firestorm RP)
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