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 Bison Promo for match will Dr. Feelgood

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Bison Promo for match will Dr. Feelgood Empty
PostSubject: Bison Promo for match will Dr. Feelgood   Bison Promo for match will Dr. Feelgood Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 12:29 am

A backstage shot widens to reveal Thunder Bison doing pull-ups as he gets ready for his match. Bison drops to the floor and faces the camera:

Thunder Bison: Last week, I continued towards my goal of becoming one of the best in PWA by winning my match.. Tonight, Dr. Feelgood stands in my path. It is a small matter. Win or lose, the fight is everything.

Bison walks out of the shot towards the ring area.
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Bison Promo for match will Dr. Feelgood
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