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 You are My Nemisis (EOA and NEMESIS)

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Eternal Eclipse

Eternal Eclipse

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You are My Nemisis (EOA and NEMESIS) Empty
PostSubject: You are My Nemisis (EOA and NEMESIS)   You are My Nemisis (EOA and NEMESIS) Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 6:24 am

*An array of fireworks burst from underneath the titan-tron. The colors of red, blue, and white light up the arena. Reliant K - Devastation and reform plays across the arenas loud speakers. Eternal Eclipse appears from behind the stage. He is in his new pink clothes. A white leather jacket, pink racing gloves, and a pair of pink tights with large breast cancer ribbons on each side of them. The short man makes his way down the stage bouncing on each step he takes. His white hair staying perfectly still as he go's. As EE reaches the ring he runs over the the steps on the far left turnbuckle. He makes his way up and over the rope into the center of the ring. He reaches a microphone out of his pocket.*

Eternal Eclipse: Tonight's the night folks! The first PPV of PWA. Is it not exciting?

*The crowd cheers.*

Eternal Eclipse: Also tonight is a special occasion. For breast cancer awareness month PWA is throwing a huge charity event for breast cancer! For my match tonight i will donate 1000 coins to a breast cancer society and if I win i will donate a bonus 5000 coins!

*The crowd gets excited.*

Eternal Eclipse: So tonight I am the good guy. But don't get used to it. The only reason I care about this so much is because I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was young. I believe in miracles and I believe my donations will help someone else's mother overcome this disease.

*The crowd has a sympathetic moment for EE. He begins to tear up and his face turns red. He wipes his face and begins to speak again.*

Eternal Eclipse: Now lets get down to business. Last week I lost my match to CW last week so I only donated 1000 coins to charity and lost out of the championship tourny. Boo him, but tonight my opponent is my long time rival and member of NEMESIS, Executioner of Anarchy! Like I said he is a member of the only stable in PWA. I say that cause I dunno whats up with Rebellion.

*By now Eternal Eclipse is back to his old self and color has returned to him.*

Eternal Eclipse: As I said he is a member of Nemesis. For some reason they believe that they control most of PWA. They are wrong! I alone can beat every member of Nemisis by myself! Do you know why Nemesis? I have more control over PWA than you! Thay say money cannot by happiness, it can! Tonight I intend to send a message to everyone in your locker room by breaking every bone in Executioner of Anarchy body! So prepare to be.... DEVASTATED!!!!

You are My Nemisis (EOA and NEMESIS) Breast10
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You are My Nemisis (EOA and NEMESIS)
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