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 The Time has Finally come( before the PPV)

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The Time has Finally come( before the PPV) Empty
PostSubject: The Time has Finally come( before the PPV)   The Time has Finally come( before the PPV) Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 5:55 pm

The camera fades in at the parking lot of the docks a mile from the PWA arena with Morgana outside waiting for someone.....

Morgana: They said he was going to get here in 20 minutes, it been 18 minutes already!

Then at that moment a ship swiftly comes out of the darkness and to a full stop at the port, A bridge come down from the ship as five people begin walking down the bridge and into the port, The camera looks at this vast ship with the letter N written on it's side.

Morgana: Nemesis, You're right on time! impressive.

Naven X: We always make it there with our Smooth Criminal 2.0... best boat money can buy.

Morgana: well, let's get this started, last week you won your match to be in the finals for the PWA Burning star Championship, and your opponent is no other than your nemesis member Cerberus Thorn and the rest have their matches as well, hjow do you feel about tonight?

Nemesis looks at Morgana and grins...

Naven X: What do I think? Honestly this is exactly what I wanted!

Morgana: Excuse me?!

Naven X: You see, in our matches we disscussed about it saying to leave it all in the ring and we will be on each other's sides, because you see we had all of this planned since the begining and now the day has come!

Morgana has a confused look on his face...

Morgana: Planned?... what is this plan?

Naven grins and looks at Chloe.

Naven X: lets just say, Tonight will be something that you and PWA world will never, ever forget!

Nemesis begin laughing and walking to the huge black limo parked close by that will take them to the arena.

Morgana: will never forget?...hmm... hey can you give me a ride?!

Naven opens the door .

Naven X: you're lucky we are in a good mood so sit back there and shut up or we will throw your cameraman out the car while moving..HAHA!!

Morgana lowers the sound of her voice.

Morgana: Nemesis have something up their sleeves but what is it?....we will find out tonight!

the camera fades out...
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The Time has Finally come( before the PPV)
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