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 Why Cerberus Thorn wears Armor

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Cerberus Thorn

Cerberus Thorn

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Why Cerberus Thorn wears Armor Empty
PostSubject: Why Cerberus Thorn wears Armor   Why Cerberus Thorn wears Armor Icon_minitimeWed Jul 28, 2010 7:51 am

OOC: I was eating BK when this idea hit me, I dropped everything and began immediately

Five years ago, Cerberus Thorn - Then Josh Goodwin - Trained in New Zealand and one fateful night everything changed........

Josh Goodwin walks out of the fancy restraunt where he has just finished a meal and begins to walk the short distance to his hotel in the south auckland area. on the way thirst inexplicably strikes and he goes to a convenience store on the street corner to buy a bottle of V energy drink. he pays for it and sips it calmly as he continues walking. When he turns a corner he gets the strange feeling that something is following him, so he speeds up. After three minutes he enters his hotel and heads to the elevator. He pushes the button fot the penthouse suite and as the elevator ascends it clicks to a stop and the escape hatch flings open allowing two black clad men to drop in in front of Josh.

Man 1: josh Goodwin, you know why we're here.

Josh: Actually, no, what the Fu.........

Josh is unable to finsh the sentence as the second man has just driven a switchblade into his sternum and began to twist it. Josh drops to his knees roaring in pain and the second man removes the knife as the first man begins to punch him in the head, after a short time Josh's head is complete;y covered in blood and his skull is partially collapsed. The entire elevator floor in bloodstained aswell. The second man moves foward again and cuts Josh's middle fingers off. The two men climb out of the elevator and it begins to ascend again. It opens at the penthouse and after thirty seconds descends back to the ground floor, The door opens and the young woman who called the elevator screams at what she sees. Her screams increase as she begins to recognise who this is. The woman is Josh's Girlfreind Alexis Destiney and she is horrified at the sight of Josh. Almost certainly dead and with no chance of full recovery

This is what Josh looked like on this night

Before:Why Cerberus Thorn wears Armor B410

After:Why Cerberus Thorn wears Armor After10

The doctors were able to save Josh's life, But he would be scarred and mentally messed up for the rest of his life, The doctors also gave Josh mechanical Middle fingers and he continued life, this story went untold for five years, but now, Cerberus has decided to tell the world of his horrific past
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Why Cerberus Thorn wears Armor
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