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 Charity Auction Part 2 (firestorm)

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PostSubject: Charity Auction Part 2 (firestorm)   Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:13 pm

The camera cuts back to the pink stage and the same crowd from earlier.

Auctioneer: The next item under the hammer is a generic set of wrestling boots that can be signed by any PWA wrestler of your choice.

There is a cheer from the crowd.

Auctioneer: Shall we start the bidding at say, 75 coins?

The beginning of the auction starts off strong with several people repeatedly standing up to place their bids. This continues for several minutes until the money offered gets to a point that seems too much for one woman and so she stops standing up to bid. The auctioneer notices this.

Auctioneer: Come on love! You know you want these? Are you sure I can't tempt you to continue?

He flashes a smile at the lady who instantly blushes, she thinks about it for a while then stands up validating her latest bid.

Auctioneer: Good girl.

The auction carries on for several minutes until the bidding begins to die down.

Auctioneer: Is that all the bids? Going once ...

The auctioneer looks around the room at the crowd.

Auctioneer: Going twice ...

The auctioneer readies his auction hammer above the little plague.

Auctioneer: Sold! for 2345 coins, to that lady there!

The auctioneer points his hammer towards a woman in the crowd who stands up and cheers. The camera cuts away from the auction and returns to ringside for the next match.
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Charity Auction Part 2 (firestorm)
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