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The fans have been enjoying themselves, the matches have been outstanding, and the action as hot as could be with the talent in PWA. The cameras in the back catch the sound of a motorcycle in the parking lot, followed by the twin doors opening and The Phoenix Kid enters the building, some of the fans cheer, others are still out on which way to go. The Phoenix Kid walks down the hallway and before he gets to the locker room to change out of his street clothes he is interrupted by the backstage interviewer.[i]

Phoenix Kid- Can I help you with something? What do you want? Do you not have anywhere else to be right now?

reporter-Yes, Mr. Kid in fact I do have somethings I would like to ask you, One is what are your comments to what "The Prophet" made about you? You know that the two of you are going to be facing off at the Pay Per View? What do you think will be the outcome of the match?

[i]The Phoenix Kid looks at the interviewer unsure of where to begin but a laugh escapes his mouth as he looks around before speaking

Phoenix Kid-The who? Can you speak up again I didn't hear you? Oh you mean that little guy who thinks he is a god? Yes Methias! I was aware of who my opponent is at the pay per view, as for him thinking I am weak because I wear a mask, If he wasn't so busy trying to figure out which end is his head and which end is his *** he would know that it is not a sign of weakness, but a cultural thing that goes back in a rich history, as well as adding an illusion of mystery to the wrestler. As for his comments about talking to myself or my dead mother...God rest her soul, It doesn't bother me as once again it shows that he is trying to figure out which end is his head and which end is his *** I think he just has them confused as he seems to have a case of the runs. So I get to fight a guy who thinks he is a prophet, and can predict things and thinks he is on top of the mountain. I shall let him think as he may, for inside my body is the heart of a true warrior, one who doesn't give up, one who won't say die, one will go out and give the fans there money's worth each and every single time he steps foot into the ring. Methias should only be so lucky to be stepping into a ring with me, It will be the only times that the fans don't turn out and switch the channels when he steps into the ring to attempt to wrestle. As for the outcome of the match, I would say hold on to your seats because it is going to be a hell of a ride.

[i]The Phoenix Kid turns his back to the reporter and the camera and opens the door to enter the locker room to get ready for his match tonight. The fans are still unsure of what to make of him, some of the arena cheer the man as he exited off screen and some fans were booing him.[/color]

(ooc:Damn I must be in a dead spot or something this just doesn't seem like it is very good)
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reply to meth promo
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