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 Destiny awaits

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PostSubject: Destiny awaits   Destiny awaits Icon_minitimeFri Oct 15, 2010 11:59 pm

Cameraman shows Max and Sparda in the locker room. Room is re-made in gothic style. Main colours are black and red all around. Sparda and Max are sitting on some kind of thrones.

Max: Do you feel it? Can you smell this> Its the smell of champions. Tonight finally is the night. Tonight we will fulfill our destiny to become 8 time World Tag Team champions.

Max looks at the camera.

Max: Tyr, Spriorite you better come prepared. Cause we have a special surprise for you.

Sparda: Let the massacre beggin.

Camera slowly fades out as New Blood takes gothic style cups and drinks from it

(Sorry for no colours. I dont have much time so i made this in hurry)
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Destiny awaits
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