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 Ending of Tag Team match

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Ending of Tag Team match Empty
PostSubject: Ending of Tag Team match   Ending of Tag Team match Icon_minitimeSat Oct 16, 2010 12:14 am

Ok this is if me and Sparda wins it.

Max Cavalera hurls the leg preparing the blow
and hits him on the face with a light Roundhouse Kick to referee.

Referee is knocked out.

James Black: Oh my god. Referee is out.

Tyr gives the touch to Spriorite who enters the ring!

(here is Tyr finisher. I hope it is Damage cause then it will look more impactfull or you can choose another devastating move)

Tyr goes for pin.

Fans are loudly counting to five.

Naven X runs down the ramp with a steel chair.

Mike Tanner: Fina;;y someone comes down the ramp. But why Naven X and not a ref? And why with steel chair?

Naven X slides in to the ring. Sparda stands over Max protecting him. Tyr and Spriorite are behind Naven X.

James Black: Hit him Naven X. Destroy Sparda.

Suddenly Naven X hits Tyr and Spriorite with Mortal Steel chair shot.

Tyr and Spriorite are knocked out cold.

Mike Tanner: This is unbelieveble. New Blood are the mystery persons for Nemesis. Not one but TWO.

Sparda drags down Max on Tyr and then takes referee to start counting.

Referee counts

James Black: This cant be. New Blood fulfilled their destin.

Mike Tanner: And thats not it. Think of the Nemesis. They are stronger than ever. They are unstopable. PWA will change forever.

(Sorry for no coulours. I made this in rush. Hope you will like this and you will approve it. And if you need you can change persons whoever was in the ring in that moment)
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Ending of Tag Team match
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