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 I Don't Deserve To Be Called Champion...(Anyone)

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Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson

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I Don't Deserve To Be Called Champion...(Anyone) Empty
PostSubject: I Don't Deserve To Be Called Champion...(Anyone)   I Don't Deserve To Be Called Champion...(Anyone) Icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 4:45 pm

Time is 8:46 in the afternoon and currently a house show is going on in the PWA arena. Only recently Freedom Or Fire happened and perhaps the biggest upset, moment and screwjob of the night were all on the same night. This was when Kim Anderson defeated Phenom The Vampire Lord, with the not asked for help from AnthraX, in a Trial by Fire match to become the First Ever PWA Inferno Champion. The fans were ready for the main event of this house show but suddenly "Through The Glass" by Stone Sour erupts the PA System as Kim Anderson appeared on the stage, riding a white Suzuki Hayabusa, with the PWA Inferno Championship around her waist. The crowd instantly booed and chanted "you screwed Phenom!" yet the female, who is also wearing blue jeans with a black leather jacket, chose to ignore this even though her facial expression clearly showed her upsetness before riding her bike down the ramp-way and around the ring. Her expression wasn't happy about the continuous hatred from the people yet managed to park the bike next to the ring, grabbed a nearby microphone and entered the ring. Once in the ring Kim held the microphone up to her lips.

Kim: At Freedom of Fire a good thing and a bad thing happened...good thing is that I am the first ever PWA Inferno Champion!

As soon as she said that Anderson took the title off her waist and hoist it up high in the air. She knew that the crowd would boo her and indeed they booed. Yet Kim decided to speak about the bad thing.

Kim: Yet the bad thing is that AnthraX ruined my chance of proving to everyone that I am no whipping girl!

That outburst did cause a few faint cheers yet Kim didn't give them any time to improve.

Kim: Yeah, me and El Colo lost to Father Gilholy and the first ever PWA Burning Star Champion when Colo got himself pinned. Yet what happened afterward? I got put in the Inferno Championship Tournament and in the first round I was sneak attacked by El Colo...maybe he was sore about being out done my me, I don't know...yet even when he attacked me I defeated him. Then in the next round I defeated theHero to be in the finals where I was due to battle Phenom the Vampire Lord, a guy who I held secret admiration for. Big match day ends up being a Trial of Fire; submission, last man standing and inferno all put into three rounds. I admit I was simply dominated in the submission, since I only know two holds, yet when I finally get the edge in the last man standing match AnthraX laid Phenom out before taking him through a fiery table! I admit that I am more then delighted to be the first ever PWA Inferno Champion but I will also admit that I don't deserve to be called Champion...

That comment did surprise alot of people in the audience yet Anderson decided to speak about a couple of people.

Kim: While I don't deserve the belt I shall do anything to keep it which brings me up to theHero. You claim that I need someone to fight my battles for me? I already defeated you once and if defending my title against you prove that I don't need any help then I'll happily take you on. But there is another person that seem to desperately wanting my attention...El Colo.

His name being called did cause alot of cheers to come out of the audience and the Inferno Champion expected this yet continued to speak.

Kim: First you cost our team a victory in both our debuts...then you attacked me when I was preparing my bike for my entrance...and when I beat you the very next you you kept whining and crying for a rematch. Now I am the current and first ever PWA Inferno Champion you are demanding a shot at me? Are you really that upset about losing to a girl? If you want a shot so badly then be patient since I'm already busy with someone else...

All of the sudden someone else's theme music blast out into the arena.

TBCB: Anyone
Extra Note: I really hope I become more active next season.
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I Don't Deserve To Be Called Champion...(Anyone)
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