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 I don't want any favours.

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I don't want any favours. Empty
PostSubject: I don't want any favours.   I don't want any favours. Icon_minitimeWed Oct 20, 2010 4:11 pm

Kirsty is seen standing in front of the camera in the corridors of the PWA arena. She clears her throat then begins to speak to the camera.

Kirsty: Hello PWA fans, If you missed our last PPV, Freedom Or Fire, then you missed a lot!. On that night we managed to christen all of our titles ... well, that's true for all but two belts.

Kirsty pauses and takes a breath.

Kirsty: It was revealed that Max Cavalera and Sparda were actually the last 2 members of Nemesis. This was revealed when Nemesis decided to interfere in the Eternal Isles championship match where they savagely beat Spriorite and Katz then stole the belts. Personally I think it's a despicable act but I guess some people will do anything for power.

The camera man's hand appears from behind the camera and urges Kirsty to continue with what she was supposed to be doing.

Kirsty: Oh yeah! I'm here to speak with Spriorite to find out what his reaction is to this heinous crime and also what he plans to do about it. I'm outside his locker room now. Let's hope he's in there.

Kirsty reaches out her hand and knocks on the door. After a few seconds Spriorite opens the door. Without a word he motions for her to come in. He walks inside and sits down in his brown leather chair while Kirsty follows him and sits in the opposite chair. The two look at each other for a while.

Spriorite: You are going to interview me right?

Kirsty: Uhh yeah I was getting to that. I think the most important question I could ask you is what are your thoughts on Nemesis stealing your tag belts?

Spriorite's face flares up with anger.


Spriorite breathes in heavily in an attempt to calm himself as Kirsty is sat with her eyes wide open obviously in shock at the uncharacteristic outburst.

Spriorite: Sorry.

Spriorite breathes in again. He places his hands to his temple and begins to rubhis head.

Spriorite: Nemesis screwed us. It's as simple as that. Those titles should of been ours but circumstances clearly didn't want it that way. It's no matter. They might have the belts but they aren't the champions. The Eruption can still be the first ever tag champions in PWA history.

Kirsty: Fair enough. What are your thoughts on Julius Crane saying that you're the champions due to disqualification?

Spriorite: What? When was this revealed?

Kirsty: Oh wait, yeah, you were lying in the middle of the ring knocked out. Basically Crane came out and said that you guys are the champions by DQ and Nemesis will have to return the belts or else.

Spriorite: What are my thoughts on that? I think that's stupid!

Kirsty: Pardon?

Spriorite: I didn't get into this business to be given favours. I appreciate that Julius is trying to make something up to us by giving us the titles but in truth I don't want to win the titles that way and I'm sure Katz doesn't either. I'd rather win them fair and square then get them the easy way like Nemesis have done.

Kirsty: So what happens now?

Spriorite pauses and looks at her. He flicks his hair out of his face revealing a large plaster on his forehead.

Spriorite: Katz and I get the titles back.

The camera cuts out to black.
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I don't want any favours.
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