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 In the ICU...

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Phenom The Vampire Lord

Phenom The Vampire Lord

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PostSubject: In the ICU...   In the ICU... Icon_minitimeSat Oct 23, 2010 1:49 am

The Titantron flickers to life to show the words “A Couple of Days after Freedom or Fire” written in fiery letters fade in on a black background. A video then starts rolling, showing Phenom The Vampire Lord and AnthraX wrapped in bandages and handcuffed to their respective hospital beds. They are being hydrated and taken care of after their death-defying stunt. The effects of their sedatives seem to be wearing off as they’re slowly regaining consciousness and realizing where they are at the moment. Their first impulse is to jump off their beds and strangle each other but the handcuffs do their job of keeping them apart. Their struggle to get free however attracts the attention of the bouncers and doctors who immediately start filling up syringes with a powerful sedative. The handcuffs however are too weak and the chain links snap, freeing both Phenom and AnthraX from their cold metal grasp. They both punch their respective doctors out cold and then jump off their beds with a Lou Thesz Press on top of the bouncers and proceed to ground and pound the living snot out of the poor bouncers.
Then they jump up and start attacking eachother with bed pans, bags of saline solution, defibrillators, metal chairs, potted plants and anything they can get their hands on. None of them seems to be gaining the upper hand as they are both still weakened by their last encounter and by the leftovers of the sedative they were given… They eventually collapse on the ground, exhausted and dizzy; around them, the room looks like one of those bombarded buildings… nothing is in one piece anymore. Their eyelids become heavy as lead and they pass out in the middle of the mess.
A young woman dressed in a black and red traditional Japanese kimono sneaks in carrying a bag of red liquid, which she opens and pours down Phenom’s throat. He quickly regains his strength and is helped up to his feet by the mystery woman. She throws him a black t-shirt with 2 crimson red Doves flying above the words “Legio Demonae”. He seems surprised by her presence but doesn’t let out a single sound. He gets dressed and they both exit the room in complete silence. The camera pans over AnthraX for a second before going back to black.

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In the ICU...
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