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 New Determination

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El Cholo

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PostSubject: New Determination   New Determination Icon_minitimeSun Oct 24, 2010 6:54 pm


The camera zooms in backstage in El Cholo's locker room where El Cholo is sitting down in a chair. The camera guy zooms into El Cholo who looks like he is about to speak to an interviewer.

Interviewer: El Cholo, what are you going to do now since you and Ultimate Sickness won against Horror and El Esquelto Oscuro? I've been hearing that you and Ultimate Sickness may be forming a Tag Team to dominate the lower ranks. Is that true?

El Cholo: To answer your second question first of all I'm not going to make a Tag Team with Ultimate Sickness. I'm a one man army and I'm going to dominate the lower ranks by myself. I don't need someone to get in my way and steal my wins from me just like Ultimate Sickness did in our match, Also I am going to work hard and show everyone that I deserve to be a champion in this federation.

Interviewer: El Cholo, who do you have on mind as your next opponent?. Will it be Ultimate Sickness or someone else?

El Cholo: I really don't have anyone in mind that I want to face right now, But if Ultimate Sickness or anyone backstage wants to face me I'm always looking for a challenge or an easy win. In Ultimate Sickness' case, I know I can beat him since I was the one that got us the win and not him.

Interviewer: El Cholo, these are some strong words from someone that has only won one match out of four.

El Cholo: Still, I know I'm the best at doing my job and that is making people tap out and beg for mercy. Also I'm looking for some excitement in this federation, That is why I'm making an open challenge to anyone that dares to face me

Interviewer: Well it seems this is all the time we have left. El Cholo, it was nice interviewing you!

As the interviewer begins to leave El Cholo grabs the interviewer from behind and ...1! First German Suplex connected! And ...2 second German Suplex! And ...3! Performing Legendary Three Amigos!! El Cholo heads to the ring. Barrage of shots from a machine gun are heard over the arena a clip is aired on the titan tron, showing some of the wrestler’s greatest victories and most powerful moves El Cholo makes his way to the ring wearing a leather jacket and pants and a bandana around his face. El Cholo hugs the loyal fans and shakes their hands. El Cholo goes around the ring and gets a chair from under the ring and throws it to the ring as a commentator gives El Cholo a microphone. El Cholo places the chair in the middle of the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and raises both his hands on the air while the thousands in attendance begin to boo. El Cholo sits on the chair and begins to speak.

El Cholo: Welcome to a new season of PWA. Now last season wasn't a good season for me. I lost three out my four matches and that is why I am starting at the bottom of the food chain.

Fans begin to boo.

El Cholo: That's why I'm facing Horror first, Ultimate Sickness second, TheHero third and lastly the Inferno Champion Kim Anderson, But there is a catch to this, if I lose any of my matches before I face Kim Anderson then I will lose my chance to challenge for the championship and will instead face her in a non title match.

The fans continue booing.

El Cholo: I'm a man of my words when I say this, I guarantee that I will be undefeated this season. Also, by the end of the season you will have a new Inferno Champion and that is El Cholo. so Horror come down here and make it fast, I want this match to be over as soon as possible!
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New Determination
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