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 The Rise of Nemesis

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Naven x

Naven x

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PostSubject: The Rise of Nemesis   Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:58 pm

The crowd are in pandemonium as the camera moves throughout the PWA arena. Then, the lights suddenly go dim with red and a red mist began to flow out from the stage and "Hells Bells" by AC/DC begin to play in the loud speakers..The crowd react with boos and hisses that are so loud they make the arena shake. Comming out of the curtains Executioner of Anarchy, Ceberus Thorn, Methias White, Sarena, Max Calevera, Sparda and Naven X stand looking at the PWA crowd taunting and showing no respect. Naven X looks at the rest of nemesis then raises his hands and red and white pyro shoots out from the stage ending with multiple blasts of fire. Nemesis began to walk down the ramp and into the ring....Ceberus Thorn, Max Calevera, Sparda, and Executioner of Anarchy climbs up the turnbuckle continue to taunt the crowd and Naven, Methais, and sarena taunts the crowd on the sides of the ring and red and black confetti fall from above the arena......naven X gets a microphone and raises it to his mouth.....

Naven X: All you flips, listen and listen are all witnesses the final formation of the Sinners of Nemesis as New Blood's Max cavalera and Sparda are the new and final members of NEMESIS....and are the PWA Eternal Isles Tag Team Champions Ha Ha!!!

The crowd boos as Max calevera and Sparda raise the titles and taunting the crowd laughing....

Naven X: and Also you are looking at the first PWA Burning Star Champion, The Renegade Naven X!!!!

Naven raises the title in the air and the crowd chant...Nemesis Sucks!...Nemesis Sucks!!!!

Naven X: You!..All of You!!! should have saw this plan coming, But all of you are so stupid to notice...HAHAHA!!!!....Freedom or Fire was a success for PWA but also for Nemesis...Cause we made history and history will happen tonight!!

OCC: nemesis join in

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PostSubject: Re: The Rise of Nemesis   Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:33 pm

Max jumps down from the turnbuckle and takes another mic. Then he and Sparda raises their belts above their heads turning around to show belts to all of the fans who still boos them and now even louder. Some fans start chanting - Stolen Titles

Max: Stolen? Oh no no no! We didnt stole these belts. We won it. Fair and square. 1...2...3... Pin was there. So all of you morons and mother (consoured) can put your (censoured) words up your big, fat ugly (censoured)

Fans are in rage. They boo even louder as Max is laughing. As usual Sparda stands there in ice cold grimace.

Max: And to prove you this I say why dont we give a rematch to those retards. What do you think Sparda old man.

After a pause when max looks and Sparda.

Max: NOOOOO! Do you really thought that we will give shot to our belt to some kind of loosers? Hell no. Do you know what is better that fighting champion? Do you? A Champion. And that is who we are. Champions. The best of the best. Best tag team in PWA. In all around world wrestling federations we are now proudly 8 time WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. Or better say Eternal Island champions. And more of that. We are a part of Nemesis. The most violant, brutal stable i have ever seen. What could be even better? I know. How about if Sparda challanges Crimson Wrath for Phoenix Heavyweight championship? Next week. Main event in Steel Cage match. And i challenge Cartouschke for Scorching Phoenix Championship in a Ladder match? Hey whoever is in charge for booking. Listen and write this down. Next week. Or else...

Max gives a mic to Sparda

Sparda:...sombody will get KILLED!

OCC. Naven its Cavalera not Calevera Very Happy
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Naven x

Naven x

Posts : 88
Join date : 2010-07-24
Age : 27
Location : Land of Eternal Light

PostSubject: Re: The Rise of Nemesis   Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:18 am

OCC: gotcha!

Naven begins to walk around the ring looking at the crowd with no remorse at all.....

Naven X: I pity you all here in this people don't deserve to breathe the same air that we because Nemesis in in a level by itself, far greater than all of you have ever accomplished in your lifetime..

The crowd become more enraged with Naven's comments and boo more louder at the rest of the nemesis members naven looks at the camera......

Naven X: Eruuption I know you guys are here and I hope you made the right chioce in coming to rerbirth because you are trying to commit suicide and you will feel the concequences by Max and sparda tonight!....And don't think were stupid..I know you guys brought some friends to help you out, if they ever interfere in the match they will have the same fate as you two by the hand of Nemesis.......

Naven X a drops the mic and and reat of Nemesis begins to walk to the ropes taunting the crowd.....

OCC: if you guys want to continue go ahead if not...enad it here with our music playing......
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PostSubject: Re: The Rise of Nemesis   Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:10 am

The camera pans around the packed PWA arena and then focuses on the titan tron where a VT begins to play. Wildthing is shown standing in a darkened room with a big object covered in a white sheet next to him.

Wildthing: As you all know I've made it my business to get revenge on Nemesis for all the wrongs they have been doing in PWA. I have been constantly disgusted with their unprovoked violence and theft.

Wildthing grins widely.

Wildthing: I would be a hypocrite however to pretend that I've never stooped to such lows recently. It occurs to me that probably the most effective way to deal with thieves is to steal from them. Ironic I know.

Wildthing pulls off the sheets revealing a long black limo with the license plate Nemesis written on it.

Wildthing: Wow, this is a really nice limo you guys have, or should I say did have.

Wildthing grins and laughs his head off

???: Sir, we have reach the cruising altitude and our destination.

Wildthing: Thank you Captain.

Wildthing pushes a red button with the words HATCH above it, and a opening reveals that Wildthing is inside a large cargo plane.

Wildthing: I know this may be crude but I feel that it might teach you a lesson, even if it doesn't it's still funny as hell.

Wildthing opens the driver's door, and releases the parking breaks. The limo starts to roll and out it goes from the plane.

Wildthing: Oops, almost forgot these.

Wildthing tosses the keys from his pocket.

Wildthing: Bye, bye.

Wildthing waves mockingly to the falling limo. He then heads towards the cockpit and sits down in the assistant pilot's seat.

Wildthing: Well, I guess now that the job has been done I'd best get back to the arena. I've got a match against Naven. I'm sure he'll be glad to see me.

The shot goes dark as the view returns to the PWA arena.

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PostSubject: Re: The Rise of Nemesis   

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The Rise of Nemesis
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