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 Not my fault

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PostSubject: Not my fault   Not my fault Icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 3:06 pm

The lights in the arena start to fade on and off slowly. At the same time a slow paced drum is heard over the PA system. The crowd looks startled at first, then their attention is drawn towards the Titantron. At the screen a 20-digit countdown is show. At every digit it goes down, the drum pace picks up and the lights follow the rhythmic beat. The crowd picks up the pace fast and starts clapping along, going faster and faster. As it reaches zero pyrotechnics go off all around the ring and the Titantron shows the belt of the current PWA Scorching Phoenix Champion: Cartouschke.

"Simply the Best" by Tina Turner starts blazing thru the PA

Cartouschke appears at the top of the ramp, his belt around his waist. Most of the fans jump to their feet and start cheering and clapping. Cartouschke takes his time walking the ramp towards the ring, shaking hands with the fans, even pausing to take pictures with them or signing some autographs. As he reaches the ring he turns around to make some poses then steps into the ring and climbs the turnbuckles to make the crowd even wilder.

As the music fades out he steps towards the middle of the ring lifting his right hand up into the air to strike a final pose. From the ceiling a microphone is lowered straight into his hand.

Cartouschke: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Wow, what a welcome, what a warm feeling in this arena tonight.

The crowd starts clapping and cheering again but Cartouschke gestures them to calm down.

Cartouschke: Really thank you. Now I stand here before you as the reigning Scorching Phoenix Champion of PWA, I must admit it is a great feeling. I still enjoy the victory over S"A"NTODEL"A"CIUDADEL"A" at Freedom or Fire. Every day I take this belt and I start polishing it carefully, making sure their are no blemishes.

Cartouschke pauses for a minute staring at the floor as if he was hesitating to continue.

Cartouschke: Rethinking last season there aren't that much blemishes on my palmares. I did what was expected from me and I won whatever match I was prepared for. The only match that didn't work out the way I expected, was the match I didn't expect to have to take part in. It was the first match I was booked without me knowing anything about my opponents or about my partner. It was the match I fought with Executioner of Anarchy as my so called partner. A match that was doomed to fail from the moment we stepped into the ring.

Cartouschke pauses again.

Cartouschke: I had plenty of time to think what caused us to lose that match. Some blame us for being inexperienced, some blame faith. But apparently most of the people blamed me. And worst of all: the word backstage is that Executioner blames me. I had a lot of time to think about it, think about how I should reply to that accusation. Now, I was advised by many of my colleagues to let it go. To take it like a man and let it slide. But they don't know me. If they did they would know that I don't take any blame for anything that wasn't my fault. That I don't let anything slide if I think it is not my fault. I was not to blame!!

Cartouschke: Executioner didn't pull his weight, he let me hang there when I needed him to step in. Then at the last moment he stepped in but by then it was too late. So if anybody caused us to loose that match it was him. And he has the guts to blame me?? Well i am not going to let that slide. No way!!. I stand here tonight because i want to prove that I was not to blame and I want to rid my palmares from the blemish that is Executioner. So I challenge him to a match. Let's see if he can pull his weight on his own.

Cartouschke waits for Executioner of Anarchy to step up.
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Not my fault
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