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 This is a new era!

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Eternal Eclipse

Eternal Eclipse

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This is a new era! Empty
PostSubject: This is a new era!   This is a new era! Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 7:22 am

An array of fireworks burst from underneath the titan-tron. The colors of red, blue and white light up the arena. Reliant K - Devastation and reform plays across the arena's loud speakers. Eternal Eclipse appears from behind the stage. He's in his usual clothes, A black leather jacket, fine black jeans and red sports gloves. The short man makes his way down the stage bouncing on each step he takes. His white hair staying perfectly still as he go's. As EE reaches the ring he runs over the the steps on the far left turnbuckle. He makes his way up and over the rope into the center of the ring. He reaches for a microphone out of his pocket.

Eternal Eclipse: Welcome people. To the 2nd season of PWA! I am your newest and boldest superstar on Rebirth!

The crowd cheers wildly

Eternal Eclipse: The first season was filled with plenty of wild and crazy outcomes that made this show great. This season I imagine it will be even better. We have our name out there and we plan to be huge! I'm talking ginormous! There is only one problem! To make a great show you need talented competitors, Which, I might add, this show has a lack there of!

The crowd boos

Eternal Eclipse: Oh boo woo all you people want. I don't care what you think. I don't care what anyone thinks. You pay to see me compete plain and simple. You don't know it now but subconsciously you do!

Eternal Eclipse pauses and looks around. He seems anxious and tense as if he were a cat about to pounce his prey.

Eternal Eclipse: Now I could stay out here all night running my mouth about how great I am, but I have an announcement to make. PWA has an all new member of it's staff! May I introduce to you... The one and only... Carter Bilodeau Sr!

Eternal Eclipse drops his face and points with both arms towards the stage area. Behind the curtain a well dressed man in a fine black suit appears. He's very tall and tanned. His dark blonde almost brown hair is combed back in a formal matter. Carter Bilodeau makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He steps behind his son who's size lacks in comparison to his. He grabs a mic from his son and begins to speak in a very gentle and persuasive voice.

Carter Bilodeau Sr: Thank you for the beautiful introduction. Now to get down to business. When my son confronted me and asked if I would come and join him in his wrestling career, I was a little hazy. But, I took a leave of work and left my brother in charge of my company during my absence and here I am! Now before you say anything, I will not be wrestling. I will only be assisting my son with financials, backstage issues, and be ringside to watch his fights.

Eternal Eclipse interrupts his father.

Eternal Eclipse: Now is my time! I will dominate my competition this year. It will be a new era for PWA with the arrival of Carter Bilodeau Sr. We are an unstoppable force! To prove it, we intend to take out the #1 man in all of PWA tonight. Your beloved General Manager. Tyr! Prepare yourself for the unstoppable force that is Eternal Eclipse!

This is a new era! Breast10
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This is a new era!
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