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 The Death Lotus

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PostSubject: The Death Lotus   The Death Lotus Icon_minitimeThu Nov 04, 2010 1:24 am

Name: Mukuro Kurama
Shortened Name: MK
Age: mid 20s
Weight: 140 lbs
Height: 5'10''
Alignment: Tweener

Entrance: "0-0 (where evil dwells)" by Fear Factory starts playing as Mukuro appears at the top of the ramp. her right arm and her right side of the face are wrapped in white bandages and her right foot has a rusty shackle around it, reminiscent from her days as a slave. The rest of her attire consists of a traditional japanese black blouse and pants. She makes her way down the ring with a focused look on her face. She does not have pyrotechnical or light effects.

Short bio: Mukuro Kurama has had a very rough past. She never met her biological father and her mother died when he was only 2 years old. Her stepfather hated her because every time he would look at her he would remember that her mother, and his wife was in love with another man, and was only married with him because of financial constraints.
He abused Mukuro in every imaginable way. She was shackled and tied to her bed with heavy chains and humiliated her every chance he got. Every year, on her birthday Mukuro was raped and it got worse every single time.
At the age of 7 she is sold as a sexual slave to a man who was so impressed by her beauty and innocence that he stopped beating her.
She now had more liberty and was no longer tied with chains. She secretly started training in various close combat styles.
When she turned 14 she asked her master to release her, but was told that she will belong to him until the day he dies. Out of desperation, she poured acid on herself to become less desirable. The tactic worked, and her master freed her.
Her first stop as a free woman was at her stepfather’s house whom she mercilessly killed. Then she just vanished…

Finisher: Phenom's old Shooting Star DDT
TM: To be decided
Taunt: to be decided

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