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 A Storm Rolls In.

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A Storm Rolls In. Empty
PostSubject: A Storm Rolls In.   A Storm Rolls In. Icon_minitimeWed Nov 10, 2010 5:54 pm

Kirsty is shown to be standing backstage in the PWA arena looking slightly nervous. She looks at the camera then begins to talk.

Kirsty: Hello, I'm here on Rebirth which is a bit different for me as I'm not normally used to this show, regardless I was scheduled to interview Spriorite now as he contacted me and arranged it but he hasn't turned up yet ...

A laugh is heard from off screen, Kirsty looks and smiles at the source of the voice.

Voice: You always speak slightly too soon don't you?

Spriorite steps into view of the camera revealing himself as the source of the voice.

Spriorite: I'm here now. Aren't you going to start the interview?

Kirsty looks confused.

Kirsty: I'm not actually sure what I'm supposed to be asking you. You arranged this remember?

Spriorite: Oh yeah! Here.

Spriorite holds out a folded piece of paper for Kirsty to take. She takes it from him then opens and begins to read it. She clears her throat.

Kirsty: Right, first question is how do you feel about being attacked by Nemesis on the last edition of Firestorm.

Spriorite: Attack?

Spriorite's eyes begin to burn with anger.

Spriorite: That wasn't an attack. That was an ambush, an assault, a beating. In short, I think it was cowardly. It's happened twice now hasn't it? For some reason they have their eyes set on me and Katz

Kirsty interrupts him.

Kirsty: Where is Katz?

Spriorite looks at her angrily which makes her take a step back,

Spriorite: Don't interrupt me! Katz is around somewhere. As I was saying before you interrupted me, Nemesis have targeted The Eruption but are unable to beat us head on so they have to resort to the number's game when we're tired.

Kirsty stills looks scared and shakily begins to talk.

Kirsty: Uhh, well, umm, what are you doing here tonight?

Spriorite: Isn't it obvious? Katz and I are here to win our titles fair and square with no interference from Nemesis.

Kirsty: How are you planning on doing that?

Spriorite: Oh, let's just say we have some reinforcements in case worst comes to worst.

Spriorite laughs loudly and Kirsty nervously joins in.

Kirsty: Last question, I was just wondering what you think about ...

Spriorite: Sorry, no time. Got to go.

Spriorite storms past Kirsty leaving her flabbergasted by his uncharacterist rudeness. She turns to the camera.

Kirsty: I guess that's it, Back to the show!
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A Storm Rolls In.
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