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 It's gone too far.

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It's gone too far. Empty
PostSubject: It's gone too far.   It's gone too far. Icon_minitimeTue Nov 16, 2010 2:17 am

Kirsty is seen walking down the back corridors of the PWA arena in a hurry. She pushes past several other PWA employees and continues to run down the crowded hallway swiftly followed by the camera man. She finally reaches her destination and pushes through the door violently. The camera man catches the door just as it's closing and reveals it to be Spriorite's locker room. He pushes the door open again to reveal Spriorite sitting down in a ripped leather chair with his head in his hands, Katz standing with her hand on his shoulder and Kirsty standing in the middle of the room looking shocked. The camera pans around to show that the room has been trashed. there are pictures hanging off the wall, broken glass everywhere and pieces of chair strewn around the room. Kirsty looks at Spriorite in the hopes that he might offer some explanation but he doesn't speak. She notices his hand is bleeding.

Kirsty: What happened?

Kirsty steps forward to put her arm on Spriorite's shoulder but Katz sidesteps and intercepts her.

Katz: I'm busy talking to him. Can you leave us till later?

Kirsty: Uhh yeah sure, I'll come find you later if that's ok?

Katz: That'll be good.

Kirsty: Ok, I'll see you two later.

Kirsty turns to walk out of the room.

Kirsty: Bye guys.

She pushes open the door and the camera makes one last pan of the wrecked room before cutting to black.
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It's gone too far.
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