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Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson

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PostSubject: I Don't Care!   I Don't Care! Icon_minitimeTue Nov 16, 2010 10:10 am

Just before my match please

"Through The Glass" by Stone Sour suddenly erupts over the PA System as Kim Anderson appears on the stage, riding a white Suzuki Hayabusa, with the PWA Inferno Championship around her waist. The crowd begins making noise with a mixture of boos, cheers and a "you screwed Phenom!" chant yet the female, who is also wearing blue jeans with a black leather jacket, chooses to ignore this even though her facial expression clearly shows her sadness before riding her bike down the ramp-way and around the ring. Her expression clearly isn't happy about the continuous hatred from the people, while a slight smile appears when she realises some people are cheering, She parks the bike next to the ring, grabs a microphone from one of the chopper's compartments and climbs into the ring. Once she's in the ring Kim holsd the microphone up to her lips.

Kim: I guess I don't need to introduce myself as anything else but your PWA Inferno Champion.

That instantly gets boos from the audience, and some cheers. Kim smiles slightly, seeing that at least some of the people actually like her. She pauses for a while the continues to talk.

Kim: And last week I became the cure for this "Ultimate Sickness". Speaking of last week however, did El Cholo set himself up in some kind of gauntlet that would award him a shot against me if he succeeded? but he failed like I predicted he would.

The female sucks up to the ensueing boos, She waits and gives the chant's of "You suck" and "El Cholo" a chance to die down. After a while Kim holds her microphone toward her lips, signalling the fact that she wants to continue.

Kim: El Cholo claimed that he could remain undefeated this season and that he would be crowned the new Inferno Champion. Well guess what Cholo? Your first comment just showed me how egotistical you are! Furthermore, I actually laughed when I saw you get beaten by Horror, I mean you set yourself up for greatness and still failed.

Kim lets out a laugh, she ignores the negative response and continues to speak.

Kim: His second claim insulted me a bit. That jerk doesn't even consider me as a competitor, just some hurdle to jump over. if you truly class me as a hurdle then just try to jump over me next week! What? You don't think you can do it? I don't care! You want to prove you're the best then fight me!

The crowds cheer as they hear these words coming out of the young champion.

Kim: But for now I've just been informed, before I came out here, that I'll be fighting the Ultimate Sickness again. I honestly don't mind since it gives me a chance to do two things. Number one, it gives me the chance to prove why I deserve to be the Inferno Champion! The other thing is to prove that if my opponent is the "Ultimate Sickness" then tonight I'm the "Ultimate Cure".

Kim notices that the fans having changed from intense booing to an equally intense cheering. Anderson places the microphone under the bottom turnbuckle before sitting against another bottom turnbuckle, patiently waiting for her opponent.

OOC: Edited. Also, Isn't El Cholo heel? Why would the fans cheer for him?
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I Don't Care!
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