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 A special appearance.

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A special appearance. Empty
PostSubject: A special appearance.   A special appearance. Icon_minitimeWed Nov 17, 2010 12:14 am

The lights in the arena start to fade on and off slowly. A slow paced drum is heard over the PA system. The crowd's attention is drawn towards the Titantron. On the screen a 20-digit countdown is shown. A pounding drum picks up the pace and the lights follow the rhythmic beat. The crowd starts clapping along, going faster and faster. As the countdown reaches zero pyrotechnics go off all around the ring and the Titantron shows the belt of the current PWA Scorching Phoenix Champion: Cartouschke. "Simply the Best" by Tina Turner starts blazing through the PA. Cartouschke appears at the top of the ramp, his belt around his waist. The fans jump to their feet and start cheering and clapping. Cartouschke takes his time walking the ramp towards the ring, shaking hands with the fans, taking pictures with them or signing some autographs. As he reaches the ring he turns around to make some poses then steps into the ring and climbs the turnbuckles to make the crowd even wilder. As the music fades out he steps towards the middle of the ring lifting his right hand up into the air to strike a final pose. From the ceiling a microphone is lowered straight into his hand.

Cartouschke: Hello Firestorm!

The crowd responds with loud cheers and clapping.

Cartouschke: I'm sure you all know who I am so I will refrain from introducing myself. I will however tell you why I am here tonight instead of the Rebirth show. As you all know I am the undefeated, reigning Scorching Phoenix Champion. A title I am so proud of I deemed it necessary to let you share in my talent, but that's not the only reason for my appearance here tonight.

Cartouschke pauses for a second, then takes of his belt and holds it high in the air. Some fans hold their breath for what is to come while others start cheering again.

Cartouschke: You see this belt here? This belt is the the only belt that matters. This belt is reserved for those that are worthy of the respect it beholds. Whomever wears the belt is the best. To win it one has to work hard, be prepared to go to their deepest inner soul, prepare to perform at their best. THIS BELT IS WHAT MATTERS! Now it has come to my attention that there is a wrestler in your midst that disagrees. This so called champion of yours thinks that HE possesses the belt that supersedes all belts. This wrestler thinks that he is better then all of us, even better then me. You've guessed it: I'm talking about you, Crimson Wrath.

Half of the fans in the arena starts to boo while the other half starts to cheer and clap, making it impossible for Cartouschke to continue. After a few seconds he brings the microphone to his mouth again.

Cartouschke: Now I have seen the matches that Crimson has fought and I know for a fact that all his matches were a fluke. You have all seen it. The cards were stacked against his opponents from the minute they stepped in to the ring. Where other champions, like me, had to go all out to defeat their opponents, your so called champion didn't break a sweat. He didn't prepare for his match, like I did, he didn't work out, like I did, he didn't even take time to check his opponent out, like I did! That tells me a lot about him. This so called champion is lazy!

More boos fill the arena and a CW-fan shouts: Go back to your own show!

Cartouschke: Go back to my own show you say? Let me tell you: this IS my show! Tonight I will show your so called champion how it is done! I will let him meet true talent! I will beat some respect into him, because respect is what he is lacking. And if he doesn't respect the belt, somebody should step up and take the belt from him. Since none of the Firestorm wrestlers steps up, I will! I will take that belt away from him. As the reigning Scorching Phoenix Champion it is my perogative to challenge whomever I want and I will use that right to strip his title from his waist. That will be the stake of our match: winner gets the loser's belt.

Now the crowd goes really wild as Cartouschke drapes his belt over the nearest turnbuckle. He goes to the middle of the ring again and taunts the Champion again:

Cartouschke:What's keeping you Crimson? Scared...?

Cartouschke hands the mic to a ringside attendant and goes to the corner post again, staring at the top of the ramp, waiting for his opponent to show up. "Simply the Best" by Tina Turner echoes in the arena once more.
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A special appearance.
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