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 AnthraX and Morgana

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AnthraX and Morgana Empty
PostSubject: AnthraX and Morgana   AnthraX and Morgana Icon_minitimeWed Nov 17, 2010 1:46 am

The camera pans to backstage where it catches Morgana standing and talking to AnthraX

AnthraX: After I beat down Nemesis we should go out and get something to drink

AnthraX puts his arm around her

Morgana: But how will you beat Nemesis with that blood sucker and freaky girl on your side?

AnthraX: It won’t be that hard if they get in my way I'll just have to take them out too

Morgana: But wouldn't that mean you'd have to hit a girl?

AnthraX: You call that thing a girl?

Morgana: You're right but then what about Phenom?

AnthraX: Ya, what about him?

Morgana: He did put you through a flaming table that landed you in the hospital ... or had you forgotten?

AnthraX: Ya but now that I am on Crane's side I don’t see anything happening to me again.

Morgana: what is going on with you and Mr. Crane?

AnthraX: I'm the enforcer of his ideas

Morgana: What does…

AnthraX cuts her off

AnthraX: We can continue this conversation later, I have to go but I'll meet you back here after the show and we can go hit some clubs.

Morgana watches him leave with a love struck look in her eyes
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AnthraX and Morgana
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