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 Chug for victory!

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PostSubject: Chug for victory!   Chug for victory! Icon_minitimeFri Nov 26, 2010 2:09 am

The camera turns on to show Katz walking down the corridor, she turns and pushes open the door that leads into Spriorite's locker room. She see Spriorite sat on his sofa talking to the video camera set up on a tripod in the middle of the room. She see Spriorite vlogging and goes to back out of the room slowly.

Spriorite: It's ok Katz, you're here now. You might as well come into the video.

Spriorite waves his arm for Katz to come join him on the sofa. She walks across the room and sits down next to him in front of the camera. Spriorite turns back to face the camera.

Spriorite: This is my co worker and tag team partner Katz.

Katz sits there kind of awkwardly but with a smile as Spriorite finishes up his filming. When he's done talking he presses the "record" button on his remote control which causes the camera to click and stop recording. Spriorite turns to Katz.

Spriorite: You ready for tonight?

Katz: You know it! Last week was just bad luck, I'm sure we can win the titles this week!

Spriorite: I have every confidence that we will, I mean, c'mon, it's us right?

Katz nods in agreement as Spriorite stands up and walks across the room towards his drinks cabinet and leans on it.

Spriorite: While we're on the subject of the attack have you had someone following you this past week? I swear that police guy's been tailing me every where ...

Katz gives Spriorite a confused look.

Spriorite: Oh, we weren't talking about the attack but I wanted to bring it up. Well?

Katz: Yeah, I've had the same black car follow me everywhere. Do you think they suspect us as the attackers?

Spriorite pulls a can of coke out of the cabinet and throws it to Katz who catches it and opens it. He opens up his own can too.

Spriorite: I'm not so sure, they would have asked for more interviews and stuff wouldn't they? I don't know how this whole CSI stuff works.

Katz takes a long swig from her can and Spriorite copies her.

Katz: Well what do we do about it? Do we just let them follow us as if we don't know they're there?

Spriorite: You can, I think I'm just gonna confront the guy, I mean it must be boring following me so I might as well make some conversation right?

Katz laughs.

Spriorite: However, that's not what we need to be worrying about now. We need to worry about winning those titles. Are you ready for greatness?
Katz jumps to her feet.

Katz: Would I be in this federation if I wasn't?

Spriorite tilts his head in agreement.

Spriorite: I guess you're right. Chug for victory?

Spriorite raises his can up into the air and Katz lifts hers up to. They bump the cans then proceed to down the drinks. After having drunk all the contents they throw the cans over their shoulders into the bin.

Katz: Let's do this!

Both Katz and Spriorite walk quickly out of the room with a stride that shows their determination, confidence and general good mood. The camera fades to black.
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Chug for victory!
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