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 My Little Promo/RP

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Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson

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PostSubject: My Little Promo/RP   My Little Promo/RP Icon_minitimeFri Nov 26, 2010 11:23 pm

Before my and Baron's match please. Also what do you think of this? And who is interested in answering my challenge for a laugh?

The titiantron suddenly showed a wall somewhere backstage. This wall is just a basic one with no form of importance which caused the audience to puzzle about what is the purpose behind this yet they had little time to wonder as a light Canadian accent started to speak.

Kim: You saw that on Wednesday I was nowhere to be seen…

After Anderson said that the camera spun around so the titiantron showed her entire body. However Kim isn’t wearing her wrestling gear, instead the only thing she was wearing is a violet trowel. This caused a lot of wolf whistles among the crowd and the female smiled at this before explaining the reason why she is wearing what she’s wearing.

Kim: Since I have a match tonight I’ve decided to have a nice relaxing shower before getting my soft ass ready to kick someone else’s ass. Also since I am kicking ass tonight Mr Crane wouldn’t permit my ass to kick another on Wednesday and tonight. Yet he is the boss of Firestorm, not me, so I have nothing complain about…especially when I have this.

After saying those few words Kim hoisted up the PWA Inferno Championship onto her left shoulder before speaking her opinion about her opponent.

Kim: To tell the truth I can’t even pronounce my opponent’s name while I believe it starts with El and sound similar to some kind of Italian Cocktail. Yet another thing I know about this person is that last week I believe he lost to some debuting Baron. Now I admit that Baron looked great in his debut but now he has a chance to be added into my title defence by defeating my current number one contender, theHero. Which reminds me…what did Hero do to earn a shot? I admit I am more than happy to fight him be he seem to no-show for the past so many weeks after declaring himself as number one contender…maybe I’m just bitching about the fact that my first contender ends up getting given a shot instead of earning it…but I’ll just say one last thing before I get changed.

Anderson sweetly smiled after saying her words before speaking up once more.

Kim: Since I seem to be like the only person here to never lose a one-on-one match, especially by pin-fall, so I’ll just make an interesting offer to anyone. Me and you battle next week, before the pay per view in a simple match…if I win then I’ve got the pride of staying undefeated for another night longer. But if you pin me then…then maybe I’ll willingly let you slap my sweet ass as much as you like for the rest of the night…maybe I could become sort of like your whipping girl…or even become your slave for as long as you like. But that is if you defeat me by pin-fall, not submission or count-out, pin-fall…simple enough? Okay, oh yeah El-whatever your name is…I have nothing against you but the Inferno Champion here plans on staying undefeated by kicking your ass. Have a fun day!

After saying that the titiantron faded slowly into the dark blackness.
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Phenom The Vampire Lord

Phenom The Vampire Lord

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PostSubject: Re: My Little Promo/RP   My Little Promo/RP Icon_minitimeFri Nov 26, 2010 11:36 pm

Moved to the appropriate section.. and THANKS

Firestorm VGM
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My Little Promo/RP
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