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 Naven's interview

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Naven x

Naven x

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Naven's interview Empty
PostSubject: Naven's interview   Naven's interview Icon_minitimeSun Nov 28, 2010 7:16 pm

The camera fades in as Naven X is standing outside looking at the lights of Eternal Isles as they are sailing to Phoenix Stadium for PWAs PPV DOOM!....Stephanie Night walks in and goes over to Naven X.....

Stephanie: Naven?

Naven X: who the hell..oh..its you..what do you want....

Stephanie: well I got to know everyone in Nemesis but not you, so I guess what I'm saying is can we have an Interview....

Naven X: I HATE INTERVIEWS!!!....but Thorn has a good eye on you so let see waht you got!....

Stephanie pulls out a notebook and pen.....

Stephanie: ok...Tonight, you will be facing wildthing in a buried alive match and it will be for your Burning Star Championship , so will you you be ready for it?......

Naven X: Ready!....This will be my first champonship title defense!, Of course im ready!, for this is a match with no remorse and no regret....Ever since wildthing made fun of Nemesis weeks ago i cant even think straight ...He will regret the day he made a mockery to the Nemesis!....because at the ppv, I will disfigure him from head to toe!...I will show NO MERCY!!!! and definitely....NO REMORSE!!.. and if I have to put my title on the line....then so be it!....and ill make sure that he, will be....BURIED ALIVE!!!!!

stephanie: Is it possible Tonight that Nemesis will have another surprise waiting for us...just like the last PPV?.....

Naven Laughs hard...

Naven X: Have you seen the last PPV...were you their when the whole PWA world witness history made that day...You will know that their will be some surprises and much just have to wait and see!....HAHA!!!

The camera zooms out and the camera fades....
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Naven's interview
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