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 The new champions have a chat.

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The new champions have a chat. Empty
PostSubject: The new champions have a chat.   The new champions have a chat. Icon_minitimeMon Nov 29, 2010 6:29 pm

Kirsty is backstage with a microphone standing in front of a Spriorite's locker room door. She raises the microphone to her mouth.

Kirsty: Hello to everyone! I'm here today on the biggest event that PWA has ever had and I'm here to interview the newly crowned Eternal Isles tag team champions, Spriorite and Katz, AKA The Eruption.

She turns around and pushes open the door. She walks inside to see Katz laid down casually on the brown leather sofa and Spriorite standing up by his drinks cabinet apparently trying to decide what to drink.

Kirsty: Hello guys! I know this is out of the blue but could I have an interview?

Spriorite turns around clearly surprised by his interviewer friend's sudden appearance.

Spriorite: Sure Kirsty, Could you go out and come back in? It's just that I think the first shot of us holding our titles should be epic.

Kirsty: Uhhh yeah?

Kirsty turns around and walks out of the door letting it close behind her. She waits for 10 seconds then pushes open the door to reveal Katz and Spriorite posing with their titles around their waists. Spriorite and Katz laugh as they remove their belts from their waists and place them on the table behind them.

Spriorite: That's better.

Kirsty joins in on the laugh.

Spriorite: You wanted to interview us?

Kirsty: Yeah if that's ok with you guys?

Spriorite: Of course it is. We're the tag champions after all. It's not like we could say no.

Kirsty lets out a laugh and sits down on the sofa. Katz crosses the room and grabs three cans of coke from the drinks cabinet and throws two over her shoulder to Spriorite and Kirsty. Spriorite catches his, opens it and sits down on the sofa all in one swift movement where in contrast Kirsty blunders the catch and drops her can to the floor. Katz walks back across the room and sits down next to her partner.

Kirsty: Ok, right I think first off I should congratulate you on finally winning the tag team titles. I know you've had your eyes on them ever since you signed your contracts.

Katz: You're right. We have had our eyes on them ever since the start and I guess the wait just made it better. We're on top of the world right now!

Kirsty: That's good! I'm happy for you guys. The titles couldn't be with anyone better.

Spriorite: Do you think we don't know that?

Everyone lets out a laugh again.

Kirsty: Secondly, How are you guys going to prepare for your match tonight against two members of Nemesis? It's been rumoured that it's for the titles too.

Spriorite: How are we going to prepare for our match? The same way we always do. We're going to just chill out, enjoy being champions and when the time comes we'll go out and give it our best. Cerberus and EOA are strong opponents BUT it's taken us nearly 2 months to win these titles with one thing or another going on around here and we're not about to lose them on our first defence.

Kirsty takes a sip from her can.

Kirsty: Lastly and probably most importantly, have you heard anything more about that attack on Mr. Rowayne a few weeks back?

Spriorite: what do you mean "have we heard any more"? We've heard just as much as everyone else which is basically nothing. We know Rowayne was attacked and that the perpetrator has something against PWA or someone in PWA. It'd be impossible to pin it down at this stage because several of us have made several enemies along the way.

Kirsty: That's true I guess but then how many of these enemies would be crazy enough to attack a GM on a show night? The person would of had to have been truely scorned by someone in PWA and they must either be taking some kind of narcotic or just have a screw loose.

Katz clicks her fingers and looks at Spriorite with an expression that implies she's had a brain wave. Spriorite has the same expression.

Katz: Are you thinking who I'm thinking?

Spriorite: I think I might be!

Spriorite and Katz both spring to their feet and run out of the room leaving Kirsty alone looking shocked at the sudden abandonment.

Kirsty: Ok then, it was good talking to you. Bye.

Spriorite runs back into the room and jumps athletically over the sofa to the table where the championship belts were placed. He swings one over each shoulder then jumps back over the sofa and out of the room while shouting over his shoulder.

Spriorite: Sorry Kirsty! Got to run!

The camera focuses on Kirsty who gets up, walks across the room to the drinks cabinet. She pulls out another can of coke then walks out of the room as she opens it. The camera fades to black.
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The new champions have a chat.
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