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PostSubject: Life Synthetic   Life Synthetic Icon_minitimeTue Nov 30, 2010 5:59 am

The camera focuses on Cerberus Thorn laying on an "L" shaped couch in an otherwise empty room in the PWA arena. Stephanie Night walks into the room and lies on the couch with Cerberus. She is wearing a no sleeved purple shirt that reveals her stomach and a mini skirt that covers about a quarter of her legs.

Cerberus: Hello, my dear.

Stephanie Night: Hello, Cerberus.

Cerberus kisses Stephanie and awaits her next statement.

Stephanie Night: Well Cerberus, you know that you and EoA are facing Spriorite and Katz Pajamaz for the Tag Team Titles. Who will walk out of the match?

Cerberus: I notice you didn't say who will walk out with the tag titles and you're right, either way Nemesis will be the only team walking out of A Phoenix Dies.

Stephanie: You know I interviewed Naven earlier and he seems ready for his buried alive match. Thoughts?

Cerberus: Naven will win. No else to say really.

Stephanie: Max Calavera and Sparda? what about them?

Cerberus: They win.

Stephanie: Thank you Cerberus.

The camera fades out as Cerberus and Stephanie kiss.
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Life Synthetic
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