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 Last PWA RP/Promo

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Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson

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PostSubject: Last PWA RP/Promo   Last PWA RP/Promo Icon_minitimeFri Dec 03, 2010 11:35 pm

Anywhere before my match, please ^_^


Leaning against a wall backstage, with the PWA Inferno Championship around her waist, is Kim Anderson. The female is wearing blood red tight jeans, that reveals the top of her ice blue thong, with a dark purple tank top and black trainers. After a couple of seconds of glaring towards the other side of the backstage area Kim looked to her right, smiling at the camera transmitting the following footage to the titiantron. Just then miss Anderson began to speak.

Kim: Tonight's the night Baron, tonight's the night Hero...tonight's the night where I'll prove that I truly deserve this belt currently around my waist. For the past month I have been pestered with words like “You screwed Phenom” and “You don’t deserve to be champion”. No matter how great I performed for them every week the chants just keep on repeating itself. So tonight at PWA’s last ever show I, Kim Anderson, shall finally prove all my critics wrong by defending my Inferno Championship against Baron and Hero.

As she said her last few words the female slowly rubbed her right hand on the title yet only a couple of seconds later she spoke up again.

Kim: I understand that Baron wants to make the perfect debuting month by winning my belt and holding it above his head as PWA shuts its own doors. But I am not one to EVER let a person who just walked in the front door own my title without a damn good fight. Yet I also kind of understand Hero’s situation…he believe what happened in my Trail or Fire match was a sham that only he can undo, as a hero. But he ever even bothered to ask me about my view of his mysterious contendership since he only waltzed in and declared that I’m an imposer champion before making himself the contender. Yet if I recall correctly he was the same Hero that I defeated to earn that spot in Freedom or Fire. So maybe Hero is only bitter that I could do what he didn’t…win a championship.

The young Canadian sweetly laughed after saying her last line before turning around, so that her chest to against the wall and her rear is slightly sticking out. Yet Kim managed to keep eye contact with the camera lens as she spoke up yet again.

Kim: I guess that some of you remember last week when I made my challenge to anyone. Well since this is the last match any of us will have in PWA I've decided to put it into effect tonight. But seeing that none of us three will most likely see each other after the match I guess the only thing I could do is to modifly it...if Baron or Hero wins this triple threat match I shall personally hand them the PWA Inferno Championship. But if any of the two manage to pin me then that person can spank, whip, beat or do anything else to me for as hard and long as they like. Now since this will be the last match that Kim Anderson will have in PWA I have a bg message to everyone in the arena, no matter who you are...have a fun day!

After saying that Kim got off the wall and made her way towards the locker rooms, to possibly do last minute preparations for her match. The titiantron meanwhile faded to black.
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PostSubject: Re: Last PWA RP/Promo   Last PWA RP/Promo Icon_minitimeSun Dec 05, 2010 4:36 pm

great rp and grats on holding the belt, may we meet again in future feds, if phen will have me I guess I'll join his.
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Last PWA RP/Promo
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