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 Night club (practice RP)

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Night club (practice RP) Empty
PostSubject: Night club (practice RP)   Night club (practice RP) Icon_minitimeSun Aug 01, 2010 2:06 am

The camera turns on and standing in front of the camera is a woman who looks about 24 with blonde hair and a microphone. The woman is standing outside a small club which has loud music booming out of it. The woman starts to talk but her voice is lost within the bass of the live band's drums. The woman looks angry but soon the song comes to an end. The woman is visibly relieved.

Woman: Thank god! I couldn't stand that song!

The woman remembers where she is and why she is there.

Woman: I'm called Laura and rumour has it that ex GWA superstar Spriorite is here at this very club behind me tonight. I'm here to see if I can find him and then ask him for an interview.

At that point an intoxicated man stumbles out of the club door and spews up his guts at Laura's feet. Laura shrieks with horror and disgust and soon rushes past the rapidly passing out man. She enters the door of the club but is stopped by the door man.

Door man: Id?

Laura: Yeah I have it! wait a moment.

Laura checks in her coat then in her shirt pockets then in her trouser pockets for some form of ID but her search proves fruitless.

Laura: I'm sorry, I don't have it with me. I am over age though. Please let me in? I'm looking for someone very important.

Door Man: Sorry, Without ID you're not getting in.

At that moment a dashingly handsome young man with jet black hair walks out the door of the club and past both the door man and Laura. Laura turns to watch the man then suddenly realises who it is.

Laura: Spriorite!

Spriorite turns around with a shocked look on his face.

Laura: IT IS YOU! I thought it was ...

Spriorite: You called me Spriorite, It's Sam in the real world.

Laura: Oh, sorry.

Spriorite smiles at Laura.

Spriorite: It's ok, It's weird to find someone who knows me outside of Galacity

Laura: Galacity?

Spriorite laughs.

Spriorite: Just roll with it. Not to seem rude or anything but what would you like?

Laura: I was just wondering if I could ask you some questions ...

Spriorite draws in a heavy breathe and a serious look crosses his face. Laura looks worried but his expression soon changes to a smiling one.

Spriorite: Of course you can! Who do you think I am?

Laura: Oh, yeah right. Umm, well ... umm

Spriorite: I know I said you could ask me questions but if you can't articulate them then I can't answer, sorry.

Laura blushes a shade of deep red.

Laura: You're right. anyways I wanted to ask you what you've been upto since leaving GWA?

Spriorite thinks for a while but then begins to reply.

Spriorite: In truth I've not really been upto much. I've just been training and living life.

Laura: That's fair, have you got any plans for the future?

Spriorite: Well of course I do. I want to continue wrestling and I want to continue vlogging. I don't think my fans would let me quit either of those things in all honesty

Laura: You're right, I don't think they'd like it. I have one last question.

Spriorite: Shoot.

Laura: How would you like to ...

A man rushes past both Laura and Spriorite and is soon being persued by several big looking men.

Spriorite: Sh*t, This is gonna have to wait. See that guy that ran past?

Laura nods.

Spriorite: That's my friend.

Spriorite turns and sprints after the men leaving Laura standing alone outside the club, Laura begins to speak to the camera man but is interupted when music starts to boom out of the club again. Laura is visibly cursing as the camera fades to black.
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Night club (practice RP)
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