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 Executioner Of Anarchy

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Executioner Of Anarchy

Executioner Of Anarchy

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PostSubject: Executioner Of Anarchy    Executioner Of Anarchy  Icon_minitimeMon Jul 26, 2010 12:09 am

Wrestler Name: Executioner Of Anarchy
Wrestler Nickname: EOA
Wrestler Level: 15
Wrestler Type: strength
Wrestler Height: 6 "10"
Wrestler Weight: 299 pounds
Wrestler Age: 30
Face or Heel: heel
Wrestler Attitude: evil
Entrance:it seems like a thunder has just stroke!
Suddenly high flames light on, as though the �Tron was set to fire!
Executioner Of Anarchy makes his way to the ring
mounting a custom chopper
preceded by four druids wearing robes and carrying torches
Four lightnings hit the ringposts
Tag Team Partner in this fed: Phenom
Tag Team Name in this fed: KOA
Willing to Tag: yea
Faction Name in this fed:Legacy of Anarchy
Wrestler's Origin: 3
Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: yea


Executioner Of Anarchy picks up the opponents head facing the mat
and slams there head on the mat and goes for the cover executing a devastating TombstonePiledriver

Executioner Of Anarchy waits as the opponent slowly grabs on his pants to get up Executioner suddenly grabs the opponent and puts there head between his thighs and lifts the opponent up onto his shoulders he lifts them even
higher elvating them into the air Executioner Of Anarchy is still holding on to their pants EOA suddenly drops the opponent onto the floor with a bonechilling THUD executing an devastating Executioner Knockout Blitz

Executioner Of Anarchy grabs the opponents neck (choking the opponent he picks them up and
slams there back on the mat and executing a devastating Chokeslam


Execution Fall

History: Executioner Of Anarchy was an average every day kid until one day the neighborhood kids invited him over to watch wrestling at their place so Executioner Of Anarchy went to watch and enjoyed watching wrestling he went every day to their house to watch for a year until the neighborhood kids created a indy wrestling fed Executioner debuted at their show and won it he continued wining then he had a match against the champ in that match Executioner Of Anarchy got nailed with a steel chair and was injured he was taken to the hospital and the doctors said he was dead he was 16 at the time but Executioner Of Anarchy sprung back to life but he was still injured he wasn't able to compete until he was 18 2 years later when he was 18 he went back to that indy fed he was in and beat up the person that injured him Executioner Of Anarchy drooped him into a flaming table ending his career Executioner Of Anarchy was then contacted by a popular indy fed named Combat Zone Wrestling he dominated CZW for 12 years until a professional wrestling fed GWA contacted him to join there fed and so he did but soon GWA closed down but he joined another fed that his former stable mate made.
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Executioner Of Anarchy
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