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 S"a"ntodel"a"ciudadel"a" s bio

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S"a"ntodel"a"ciudadel"a" s bio Empty
PostSubject: S"a"ntodel"a"ciudadel"a" s bio   S"a"ntodel"a"ciudadel"a" s bio Icon_minitimeFri Sep 17, 2010 7:57 pm

Wrestler Name: S"a"ntodel"a"ciudadel"a"
Wrestler Nickname: El Ciruja
Wrestler Level: 16
Wrestler Type: Strength
Wrestler Height: 5 "10
Wrestler Weight: 195 pounds
Wrestler Age: 31
Face or Heel: heel
Wrestler Attitude: Not nervous or angry at all


El santo se va de la "b" porque tiene huevo (Direct Damage)

El alma del super raton ibaƱez (pin)

Test (direct damage)


Hachazzo del piojo noce (direct damage)

Palomita (Direct Damage)

Time b o m b (direct damage)
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S"a"ntodel"a"ciudadel"a" s bio
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