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--=Amaru=-- Makavelithedon

Wrestler's Name: Amaru
Nickname: Juice
Wrestler's Height: 6'0"
Wrestler's Weight: 224 lbs.
Wrestler's Attitude: Ironic.
Heel/Face/Tweener: Tweener - Follows his instinct.

Wrestler's Entrance Song: 2Pac - Can'T C Me
Wrestler's Entrance Video: Amaru's Entrance Video

Wrestler's Finishers:
7daytheory - Amaru throws his opponents into the corner of the ring runs towards him from the oposite corner and hits his face with both feet executing a devastating 7daytheory

Wrestler's Taunts:
Wantedhustler - Amaru lifts one hand in the air, shows the sign, and screams WestCoast executing The Wantedhustler.

Wrestler's Catch Phrase: -=Revenge Is Like The Sweetest Joy Next To Getting Pussy=-
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