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PostSubject: Cartouschke   Cartouschke Icon_minitimeMon Sep 20, 2010 6:27 pm

Name: Cartouschke
Class: Strength
Alignment: more face then heel (depending on the situation)

Bio: Born in Holland, son of a farmer, Cartouschke soon found out that he had a natural gift for lifting heavy things. Working on the farm was his workout and he soon developed quite some upper body strength. He never showed any aggression towards anybody, yet he was only 8 when he won his first fight, totally humiliating a twelve year old by knocking him unconscious for taking candy from his best friend. After that incident he was feared by all bullies in school and he soon found out that there was never a need to fight anybody. Still he had the urge to test his strength against others. At the age of 16 he started competing in national "strongest man" contests and at the age of only 19 he was the youngest world champion ever.

Since then he won almost every contest on both hemispheres and he soon realized that he was running out of titles to win. Almost every title was his and there was no real competition to keep him from taking the rest. It was time for Cartouschke to change his career. At the age of 24 he met a professional wrestler who taught him the tricks of the trade. Cartouschke finally found a way to test his strength against people that had other qualities then just strength.

He wrestled for different federations in Europe for five years, winning some titles and losing some too. During the last season his manager scammed him out of his money and as a result he almost clobbered the man to death. The manager was left paralyzed from the waist down and with a severe case of amnesia, so Cartouschke fled Europe to avoid prosecution.

So now at the age of 30 he seeks a new home outside Europe

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