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 Dr. Feel Good Bio

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Dr. Feel Good is a very intelligent individual with an IQ of 200. He stands at 6’ 4”, with raven black shoulder length hair, and has green eyes. He is a former linebacker for the Yale football team, where he graduated summa cum laude, and was in his residency at John Hopkins Hospital when tragedy struck.

His wife and new born son were killed in a drive by shooting, in Phoenix, Arizona two days before they were to travel to meet him in their new home Baltimore. His world was ripped asunder, he was unable to cope with the grief of their deaths and the guilt that he did not return home when he had an opportunity, feeling he could have been able to prevent their deaths.

Unable to escape the feeling of helplessness, he turned to God, but his prayers seemed to be unanswered and this provided no solace for him. He fell further into despair. It was during this time that the grandfather of his childhood best friend approached him and gave him a slight hope. He was invited to a Native American religious ceremony that included the use of peyote. During the ceremony he had a vision that told him the way to mend his spirit and soul. He was to fight, and to continue fighting until the grief and sorrow have disappeared. When he felt his spirit & soul restored he was to cease fighting and start living again …… he has not felt his spirit & soul restored and so he fights on.

Dr. Feel Good has no love of the “Gangster” genre due to the death of his family and will go out of his way to right a wrong that he perceives. His approach to the ring is accompanied by the song “Dr. Feel Good” by Motley Crue. His wrestling attire is surgical scrubs and just prior to the match he will rip the top scrub (Hulk Hogan style) and shout to his opponent “The Doctor is in and will now see you!”
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Dr. Feel Good Bio
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