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 El Esqueleto Oscuro bio

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El Esqueleto Oscuro

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PostSubject: El Esqueleto Oscuro bio   El Esqueleto Oscuro bio Icon_minitimeTue Sep 21, 2010 11:25 pm

Name: El Esqueleto Oscuro

Hometown: Querétaro, Mexico

Finisher: Esqueleto De Controladores(a running double under hook piledriver into a pin)

Picture: El Esqueleto Oscuro bio La-park

Bio: El Esqueleto Oscuro was born as Adolfo Soria, in Querétaro, Mexico. He was born into a wrestling family. His mother was a great all over the world and so was his father. Both of them were masked luchador. They each collected many masks of their opponents. As soon as Adolfo turned 18 his father and mother trained him to be a great masked wrestler. After he was trained, he was sent to America. He has since then be signed to Phoenix Wrestling Alliance. A place his parents have high hopes for him.
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El Esqueleto Oscuro bio
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